This 8-Year-Old Sent The Most Relatable E-Mails To Their Mom

Kids say the darndest things is so 1995. In today’s technology-filled world, it’s all about kids typing the darndest things. The next generation seems to be obsessed with their iPads, cell phones, and video games. Most of them can even work them better than their parents!

While it might be frustrating some days to watch your kids navigate Netflix faster than you, their love of technology can be pretty funny. One mom learned that the hard way when she started receiving some pretty hilarious e-mails from her 8-year-old child.

I Can Feel The Frustrating Through The Screen

email about ice cream truck not having ice cream

I can feel the frustration and anger because we’ve all be there. It seems like they never have the Turbo Rocket Pop and they only ever have the stupid Fudgesicles left. What this 8-year-old doesn’t know is that the disappointment they are feeling now never really goes away.

You can be 16 or 60 but hearing that little bell jingle from down the street will immediately have you running out the door and grabbing whatever spare change you have.

These Are The Tough Questions

email about minecraft pocket edition be expensive

It used to be that when you’re 8 years old, $100 felt like $1 million. Earning $5 from mowing the lawn could go a long way at the corner store. Not with today’s generation. Nowadays, kids are very aware that everything in life costs money because all the video games, toys, and technology that they want is super expensive.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We’re not sure. Maybe it means this 8-year-old will learn the value of a dollar much faster than we did.

Okay, Apparently We’re Resorting To Blackmail Now

email about wanting to play xbox and blackmailing about it

I hate to break it to you, but if your 8-year-old is threatening not to look through your “drowers” then they have definitely already looked through them. Any smart 8-year-old knows that if you want to get something, you’re going to need a trump card in your back pocket, and being a major snoop is one way to do it.

The tactic also works if you have older siblings who write in a diary or have something to hide under their bed.

Thank You For Being Honest

email about eating the last donut

You can’t even really be mad about this e-mail because at least they’re being honest. I’d much rather get an e-mail warning me that the donuts at home are all gone. That way I don’t end up sitting around all day dreaming of eating a donut before getting disappointed and falling into a lack-of-donut depression.

If anything, seeing an e-mail like this is a reminder that next time you should totally just eat the donut for breakfast like you planned to.

Your Kids Take After You, Right?

side by side photo of mother and daughter who sent the emails

Everyone on the internet couldn’t help but relate to what this 8-year-old was e-mailing her mom. In fact, most parents said that they get similar texts or e-mails from their kids too. Other parents even chimed in saying that they still have handwritten notes from their kids that say similar things.

One thing that everyone could agree on though is the fact that kids today are incredibly good at finding 25 different emojis to show how they feel about something. Children today truly hold peak texting powers.