These Cat Dads Are Proud Fathers Of Their Fur Children

There’s nothing quite like the love between a father and his children, even if those children are furry and often cough up a hairball or two. That’s right, cat dads go relatively unrecognized but they are some of the most kind-hearted souls on this earth.

Plenty of men go around acting tough and masculine but when they get an adorable kitten in their hands and they will instantly turn to mush. These cat dads are unafraid to show their softer side to the world, especially if it means they get to show off their favorite felines!

One famous actor on this list is apparently a cat dad and we couldn’t be more proud!

Congrats, It’s Twins!

cat dad 2

This cat dad is completely moved to be holding his brand new fur babies. These adorable kittens are named Fred and George and it seems like they are going to be brought up surrounded by the incredible love of a father.

They may only be a month old here so hopefully, these little guys don’t turn out to be a couple of troublemakers! With faces like those, their dad will probably let them get away with anything.

So Fresh, So Clean

cat dad 4

This cat dad and his sphynx Athena just treated themselves to a self-care day. There’s nothing like taking a moment to unwind and bond while you cleanse your pores and wash your hair (though we can’t say that was necessarily the case for this cat).

This guy is clearly a dedicated cat dad. He loves felines so much that he even has a cat tattoo on in left shoulder!

Cuddles With A Side Of Contemplation

cat dad 5

After a hard day at work, there’s nothing that sounds more purrfect than finally being able to stretch out and be close to the ones you love. Sheikha the tuxedo cat must have sensed that her cat dad needed exactly that when he came home one day.

We wonder what could possibly be going through their minds in this photo? Dad looks like he’s thinking real hard about life but Sheikha is probably wondering when she’s going to get dinner.

He Loves Her 3000

cat dad 3

Who knew that Mr. Robert Downey Jr. was an unabashed cat lover? He may be Iron Man but underneath all that armor there’s apparently a heart that turns to mush when it comes to adorable little kittens such as this one.

Regardless of whether or not this is RDJ’s cat in real life, we’re sure he puts on his cat-dad hat whenever there’s a little furry face that needs some cuddling!

Iron Man isn’t the only superhero you’re going to see on this list. Coming up is one cat dad who puts on his mask to match his cat.

A Birthday Cat In A Birthday Hat

cat dad 6

Ariel the shorthair Maine Coon is thrilled to be celebrating a birthday. She and her cat dad look super festive wearing their party hats, which clearly only added to Ariel’s excitement so blatantly plastered across her face.

From the looks of it, Dad threw a unicorn-themed party for his furry girl. We hope that the party was fabulous with all the cat-nip that Ariel’s little feline heart could handle.

Janet, Get Us Some Beers!

cat dad 7

Dad and his cat are happily lounging while they surf the ‘net and watch the game. Looks like they can use a refresher too since some hardcore lounging such as this can work up quite a thirst.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this cat dad was doing some online shopping for some adorable new clothes for his furry pal. A dad that loves his cat this much ought to let his baby have the best threads in town.

Let’s Stop For A Selfie

cat dad 8

Looks like Dad got a bit distracted when he was taking his lovely lady Tallulah out for a walk. “You know when Pop gets in the picture he thinks we’ve spent too much time looking at the birdies and not enough time walking,” she shared on her Instagram account.

Dad and daughter look so cute here together and hopefully it was enough to get Tallulah walking again so they could go home!

The Dark Knight And Batcat

cat dad 19

Azarias the black cat is having loads of fun playing Batman with the Dark Knight himself (or at least, his cat dad dressed as the Dark Knight). This cat could make for a great Batman but we’re pretty certain that his dad is less convincing.

These two have probably watched all the Batman movies together and love to play with their Batman action figure. His dad probably makes him act as Robin but in his mind this kitty is Batcat!

Even cats like to ask their dads to let them do an activity you’ll see coming up!

I Go Wherever You Go

cat dad 9

Tula is a Canadian adventurer who loves exploring the great outdoors with her cat dad! Whether it be the Canadian Rockies or the Cariboo Mountains, Tula is down for wherever Dad (and her cat mom) want to go.

We wouldn’t be surprised if one day Tula turns out to be the first domesticated cat to conquer Mt. Everest! Regardless, this cat dad is raising his kitty to be an adventurer in her own right.

Stop What You’re Doing And Pet Us!

cat dad 10

This cat dad was just trying to get some work done when his fur babies came around wanting some attention. Who was he to say no to two such charming little faces? He probably thought they’d go away after five minutes but we bet his day of work was canceled at that moment.

The cats have decided to mark their territory and made a permanent residence at the hands of their loving father.

Close To Daddy’s Heart

cat dad 11

Dads always have their children close to their heart and this cat dad and daughter are no exception. Just look at the way this furry girl adores her father as he cradles her in his shirt.

This is the ultimate snuggle fest right here and honestly, we’re quite embarrassed to be witnesses to it. Special, intimate moments like these are really only meant to be felt by the people involved.

Give Me A Piggy-Back Ride!

cat dad 18

Looks like someone demanded a piggy-back ride from Dad! We all have memories of riding on our dad’s shoulders and apparently this cat wanted to have the same experience.

Clearly, he is enjoying it but it seems like he’s not quite sure what to do now that he’s up there. Dad looks pretty uncomfortable in that position but he will do anything to keep his furry child happy at all costs.

These cat dads clearly have a lot of love for their kitties but one cat on this list will show you that it does get old at times…

Dad Playing With His Babies

cat dad 1

Looks like this cat dad got his fur babies, Miles and Sweetie Girl, a brand new scratcher to play with. Parents often spend their hard-earned money to buy their children new toys because the look on the kiddos’ faces is the priceless reward.

This cat dad is no exception as he looks entirely pleased to observe his cats’ bewilderment as they chase the white ball around the rim of the scratcher.

Looks Like I’ll Be Here A While

cat dad 12

Olivia the cat just loves snuggling up and taking a nap with her cat dad. It looks like that’s exactly what happened here but it seems that Olivia woke up earlier than Dad. There’s no wriggling her way out of this one, so we’re sure Olivia is just minutes away from being pulled back into Dreamland.

Looks like Dad is having the best sleep and why wouldn’t he? He has the perfect pal to snuggle up with.

That’s Not How You Boop, Dad

cat dad 13

Sylvana the cat needs to teach her dad how to properly boop noses because he missed by a long shot. Regardless, this cat dad loves Sylvana immensely as evidenced by the loving look in his eye.

We’re sure Dad showers his cats with all the love they deserve. It might be a little too much love though because based on Sylvana’s face, this kind of thing happens a little too often.

Dad, You’re Embarrassing Me

cat dad 15

“Not today, Dad,” is probably what’s on the mind of Perseus the cat in this picture. Perseus has had enough of his Dad’s selfies and gets so embarrassed every time they have to take one.

It’s likely because Perseus prefers to be the star of his own show and not have to share the frame with his dad. This happens way too often in this household and Perseus has had enough.

Dance With My Father

cat dad 14

This cat and his dad were probably having a moment when this picture was taken. This guy is clearly not at all afraid to show his softer side and his cat feels exactly the same way.

These two pals are probably inseparable and it’s going to be pretty tough when either one’s time on this earth is up. Luther Vandross’s “Dance With My Father” will probably be played at that point and there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Catch Us On Vacation

cat dad 16

This is Maui Boy and Maki Boy, the Puspin Cats Wanderers of Instagram, with their loving cat dad. He even went so far as to get them matching Hawaiian shirts for this glorious family vacation photo in the rice terraces of the Philippines.

Their dad actually rescued them in the Philippines and now it’s great to see them being able to explore the country in the safe, loving arms of their dad.

Cat Nap For Three

cat dad 17

These kitties are enjoying a really deep cat nap with their cat dad. After spending time playing with their favorite stuffed puppy, Dad and his kitties passed out completely!

There is no sweeter sight than to see a father fall asleep with his babies. Pictures like these make everyone gush with delight and it is so precious that you can’t bear to wake up any of them.

Sometimes They Butt Heads

cat dad 20

Prince Forrest the Scottish Straight is obviously sharing a touching moment with his dad. We’re sure that these two don’t always get along, with Prince up to his feline antics and his dad trying to clean up after him.

But in this photo, they are literally butting heads to show each other that they love each other. At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters between a man and his cat.