Parents Share The Completely Valid Reasons Their Kid Had A Meltdown

If the Instagram hashtag #whymykidiscrying has taught us anything, it’s that there is an infinite number of reasons why your child might be having a temper tantrum. As a toddler, the possibilities are endless. You can cry for any reason you want!

For the parents, sometimes they just need to laugh. Maybe it’s the first tantrum your little tyke has thrown, or maybe it’s the 100th. But at least you’re not alone! Other parents are out there being yelled at for buttering the toast the wrong way too! We’ve gone through and collected some of the best reasons why a tiny human threw a tantrum (and by best I mean completely sane and rational reasons only.)

Just wait until you hear about Mikey’s meltdown after his mom wouldn’t let him eat what he wanted for breakfast…

Salon Struggles

#5 - @these.momma.struggle temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @these.momma.struggle

Why are we having a meltdown in the car? Instagram user @these.momma.struggle shared this photo of her very angry five-year-old because she “wanted my soon-to-be 6-year-old to get her hair trimmed. She had an epic meltdown and screamed for an entire half hour. She literally melted into the salon chair screaming. I found it as a good excuse to blare 90s music as loud as my van would play.”

Sometimes you just need to blast the Backstreet Boys and pretend your child hasn’t been crying for the past thirty minutes…

Good Cop Bad Cop

@the_modernessentialist screaming about cow patties
Photo Credit: Instagram / @the_modernessentialist

Martina shared this photo of her then-one-year-old son and husband to her Instagram account @the_modernessentialist and the caption tells us everything we need to know.

“The face you make when Momma is mean and doesn’t let you eat the dried up Cow-patty that Daddy let you pick up! Sorry little buddy, it’s tough being one!” Mom, as usual, is absolutely ruining your life, and sometimes she just makes you want to scream!

Worst Mom Ever

#20 - @sarah_merritt
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sarah_merritt

Sarah shared this photo of her daughter to Instagram with a detailed caption of how she got to this point, and honestly, it adds up. “Reasons my toddler cried today… 1. I wouldn’t let her eat the sunscreen face stick. 2. I gave her the wrong slice of watermelon (they all look the same) 3. I looked at her… 4. I didn’t look at her quick enough”

Seems like Sarah was in the wrong here. She is clearly at fault for all this and more!!

Decisions Are Hard

#3 - @misbehavin_bridges temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @misbehavin_bridges

It can be exhausting to make decisions, okay? Brandy shared this photo of her two-year-old Maverick to Instagram, who was having a meltdown because “he didn’t want to ride in the stroller, he didn’t want to be held, nor did he want to walk.”

@dekp23 shared their sympathies, talking about how their tot “wanted to go outside and wanted to wear shoes but not the 12 pairs of shoes on our shoe rack and then after choosing a pair decided she just hated life.”

They’re Always Asking For Things That Don’t Exist

#4 - @sgoranova temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @sgoranova

On this day, Sabina was given the title of worst mom ever because “he suddenly wanted his cycling backpack…which I didn’t take to the park… Because it doesn’t actually exist #countdowntobedtime”

Sabina is a mom of two young boys who frequently likes to document the less glamorous side of motherhood, like meltdowns over imaginary backpacks. Sometimes you just need to let out a scream for a minute – or ten. It happens to the best of us.

Something Jake’s mom has learned is that toaster ovens lead to #mealmeltdowns as you’ll see in a bit

Batteries For Breakfast

#15 - @thekimromero eat a battery
Photo Credit: Instagram / @thekimromero

@thekimromero’s caption gives you all the information you need to know about this completely valid meltdown: “Mikey’s mad because I wouldn’t let him eat a battery for breakfast…total meltdown & it’s much too early!!” Mikey’s mom is a true menace. How could she deny him a delicious breakfast of batteries??

@sarah_emily317 shared some insight into the morning she was having too. “I opened the yogurt my daughter asked me to open. Commence meltdown.” Again, a completely valid reason to freak out.

Everyone Is Doing Their Best

#14 - @mablackbear tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mablackbear

This dad is proving you don’t have to be in your terrible twos to throw a temper tantrum, but people just may respond better if you’re not a grown man crying on the floor…

The cause of today’s meltdown? He didn’t want to see the rainbow. Yep. That’s it. That’s the whole reason. @mablackbear captioned this “In the throes of the terrible twos #idontwanttoseetherainbow” At least one of the kids are still having a good time. 50% is a passing grade, right?

To Banana, Or Not To Banana

#16 - @bacon_n_leggs temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @bacon_n_leggs

“Jake demanded a banana. I gave him a banana. Meltdown ensues. I’ll never fall for that ever again. #thisis2 #awesome #boymom” That’s the story @bacon_n_leggs shared on Instagram along with this picture of her son.

Other reasons that Jake has had a ‘meal meltdown’ as his mom calls it include: because his garlic toast wasn’t toasted enough, and also because one time his mom put the frozen waffles in the toaster oven. Seems like bananas and toaster ovens really aren’t his thing.

He’s Just Trying To Help Out Around The House

from instagram user
Photo Credit: Instagram / @yourmonatgirl

Does it ever surprise you how much anger a tiny human can muster up for a seemingly inconsequential event? @yourmonatgirl shared this photo on Instagram with the explanation, “this tantrum brought to you by “Mom won’t let me flip my little brother over in his jumper.”

I have just one question for this mom: who do you think you are? How dare you not let him injure his brother and also maybe himself in the process?

Coming up: stickers are the leading cause of stress in toddlers today!

Libraries Don’t Have Nearly Enough Toys Nowadays

#10 - @mad.madam.mimi tantrum at the library
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mad.madam.mimi

We’ve all had those days where it feels like everything goes wrong. You woke up late, then you spilled your apple juice at breakfast, it was raining so you couldn’t go to the park and you’d already watched the episode of Paw Patrol that was playing.

And then you get to the library, and you can’t play with the one toy you wanted to. It’s time for tears. @mad.madam.mimi shared a photo of her son at library story time experiencing exactly that. The only toy that mattered wasn’t available and that was it. Man down.

Sibling Love

#2 - @patricia_the_realest_healthmum temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @patricia_the_realest_healthmum

On today’s episode of ‘why did my child cry today?’ Patricia shared this photo of her daughter on Instagram. The reason for the tears? Her sister held her hand. A truly horrific event.

Instagram user @mamaskleinesmonster responded back with the reason her son cried today, “His brother walked on the wrong side of the street.” Really feeling the sibling love in these posts.

Yay Three Year Olds!

#19 @jlwatson0717 unicorn cake tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @jlwatson0717

It’s a tale as old as time. Teigy asked for a unicorn birthday cake. Teigy was given a unicorn birthday cake. Teigy cried. Mom of three Jessica Watson shared this photo of her daughter Teigy at her third birthday party along with the hashtag #yaythreeyearolds, after she received the unicorn cake she asked for but apparently no longer wants.

@thewild_child_files pointed out her mistake, commenting “NEVER get what they ask for. Anticipate what they will hate if you offer it. THAT-that’s the winner.” She’s figured out the secret to parenting.

A Sticky Situation

#12 - @darth_adamus sticker tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @darth_adamus

Instagram dad @darth_adamus shared a photo of his less-than-happy son with a fun little story: “When the sticker that’s been stuck to the bottom of his shoe finally falls off and I tell him it won’t go back on.”

Then he shared an update, “It was there for about a week so it was basically like losing a limb. We ‘stuck’ it back on and he forgot it ever existed five seconds later.” Despite the trauma of losing a limb, the crisis seems to be averted.

Did you know there’s such a thing as ‘the wrong pink’? One mom learned that very quickly.

An Accident That Wasn’t Allowed To Happen

#8 - @therealhelenaj high chair
Photo Credit: Instagram / @therealhelenaj

You can file this one under ‘reasons I’m the worst parent in the world’ for sure. And what is the logic behind this monumental upset? “I wouldn’t let him pull his high chair over and die.” Instagram mom @therealhelenaj is an absolute fun sucker, just ruining her baby’s life, not letting him have any fun.

Instagram user @famermaltbie can also be categorized under “worst parent in the world,” commenting to Helen, “Oh yes, us keeping them alive is just the worst! Mine likes to chew on electrical cords.” Again, fun sucker.

We Don’t Like Yellow, Apparently

#18 - @bripebs temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @bripebs

@bripebs shared this photo on Instagram of her son, which can be filed under the category ‘reasons toddlers make perfect sense and never overreact.’ Why are we lying on the floor crying, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Bri wrote along with this picture, “He wanted the yellow cup, so I gave him the yellow cup. Now his life is ruined.” See? It makes perfect sense. Oakley had a completely understandable reaction to this situation.

Honestly, We Could All Use A Cup With A Lid

#7 - @cbrazil104 cup with a lid
Photo Credit: Instagram / @cbrazil104

Mother of two @cbrazil104 shared this photo on Instagram of her three-going-on-thirteen-year-old #threenager who is definitely not having a good time, but wait until you hear why.

This meltdown was brought to you by “I’m making her have a cup with a lid… because she already spilled the one that didn’t [have a lid]” It all makes sense now right? Just kidding, nothing makes sense when you’re living with a toddle. You should probably just accept that now.

We’ve All Been This Kid When We Can’t Find A Parking Space

@mirani_miere pirate temper tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mirani_miere

Okay, hear me out. You’re heading to the park, thinking about how you’ve always wanted to be Captain Hook and fight an alligator that eats an alarm clock (still with me?) You get to the park, and you see that there is nowhere to park your pirate ship, thus, crushing your hopes and dreams. Wouldn’t you also be upset?

So you can understand this little guy’s deep sorrow, which was documented by his mom @mirani_miere and captioned as “When you wanna be pirate captain, but there’s no pier for pirate ships in your park.”

The Wrong Pink

#9 - @lindsay.behn
Photo Credit: Instagram / @lindsay.behn

Lindsay Behn shared this photo, detailing the daily struggles of Scarlett. She labeled this “reason #164 why Scarlett cries: I handed her the wrong pink marker.” Not sure how many 164 is out of though, 200? 1000? Infinity? She clearly needed a fuschia marker, not a pale pink or rose pink. Come on mom!

It seems Scarlett then proceeded to sit in the bin of markers, which seems like the most logical solution to this problem.

Sometimes We Need To Put Ourselves In Timeout

#13 - @oliverr.james.s timeout tantrum
Photo Credit: Instagram / @oliver.james.s

No parent enjoys giving a time out, but we can all agree sometimes everyone needs to take a little break. But what about if your kid gives himself a timeout? Then what? This is uncharted territory. Three-year-old Oliver’s mom shared this photo of him when he gave himself a timeout after leaving the restaurant “because I wouldn’t let him eat dessert after only eating chips for dinner…”

Fellow Instagram mom @giga_bot felt that this was a great idea, commenting “as a mother, I sometimes want to give myself a timeout..” Maybe Oliver is starting a new trend?

Decisions, Decisions

@tacocat.herine ravioli meltdown
Photo Credit: Instagram / @tacocat.herine

“She wanted ravioli for dinner. I made ravioli for dinner. She didn’t want ravioli for dinner.” There seems to be a recurring theme here… It’s almost like toddlers can’t be trusted to make rational decisions? Wait, no that can’t be it. Everyone knows 13-month-olds make perfect sense.

Catherine’s Instagram is filled with sweet and funny pics of her daughter, but this is definitely a highlight because every parent of a toddler has been in this situation.