This Construction Dad Just Proved How Easy It Is To Become An Instagram Influencer

This dad is the influencer we didn’t know we wanted, but he’s the influencer we needed. After asking his daughter what an influencer was, Omar, a construction worker from Austin, Texas, decided that this was a job he could do. Omar stepped out on Instagram a month ago posting daily pictures from his life as a construction worker and already has 221K followers.

This dad is out to prove he’s got what it takes, and the results are as amazing as you think. Consider me officially influenced.

All Thanks To His Daughter

barb dad tweet construction worker
Photo Credit: @barbzlovescarbs / Twitter

After asking his daughter what an influencer was, Omar launched @justaconstructionguy on Instagram. The account is your typical lifestyle, food, and travel account except with a Dad aesthetic.

Omar keeps it real on his page with photos of him working, eating, smoking cigars, and weekending at local the pool tables. This dad is here to prove that you don’t have to live in L.A. or New York to be a quality influencer.

Latte You Say

latte construction worker hand
Photo Credit: @justaconstructionguy / Instagram

As a self-proclaimed #coffeelover like the rest of us, Omar peppers his Instagram feed with latte art photos that will leave you thirsting for more. He’s just a little different from the rest of Instagram’s coffee fan accounts because he takes his espresso drinks in a heavy duty work thermos.

The utility is essential if you don’t want your milk foam design ruined by all the steel and concrete you’re moving. Omar swears by the folks at @cuveecoffee for his latte art.

Travel Bloggers Move Aside

construction guys walking
Photo Credit: @justaconstructionguy / Instagram

Omar takes on the typical travel blogger couple pose with his work buddy. The classic backgrounds of blue Bora Bora sea water and the Taj Mahal are transformed into construction shields over a sidewalk.

The girlfriend’s hair blowing in the soft countryside wind? Here it’s replaced by the majestic wrinkle of Omar’s shirt as he guides you safely through the torn up city streets. I don’t know where he’s going but I’d follow this dad anywhere.

The New Food Guru

street tacos wood table
Photo Credit: @justaconstructionguy / Instagram

We all know those food accounts that post endless photos of exotic foods that have you scratching your head wondering where they got access to all this food. Well, wonder no more, because Omar is changing the game.

This dad is out here living his best #tacolife and brunching it up with friends at work. You can find these tacos on the streets of Austin where Omar frequents on his lunch/influencer research treks. Street meat never looked so good.

A Fashion Icon

construction worker outfit smiling
Photo Credit: @justaconstructionguy / Instagram

Iconic, iconic, iconic. This dad is serving you looks with a new green vest for spring, mustard yellow gloves, and a clean white T-shirt to pull the look together. Omar elevates the warm palette of his outfit by pairing it with a charcoal utility harness and a tool belt.

Make sure you run out and buy your construction helmets before they sell out folks, because once this look goes viral you won’t find these pieces in stores for months.