This Creative Father Draws His Children Into Incredible Fantasy Scenes

Parents of children tend to imagine all the things there little ones might become. While many people imagine their kids might one day be a doctor or a professional athlete, Instagram user and Father of two young boys (1 and 3), Yota7454 dreams even bigger. The talented artist draws his two young kids into scenes that delve into movies, sports, pop culture, and nature scenes. The pieces are heavily inspired by Japanese related shows as well as movies by the American film studio, Pixar. Below, you can take a look at some of the most inspired pieces of artwork by Yota.

Look Out! He’s Dropping in!


Are we looking at the next flying tomato? This adorable little snowboarder is dropping into the closest mountain range. Here, Yota pays tribute to snowboarding culture by drawing his little one into a snowboarding scene complete with a Burton snowboard and hip snow goggles.

While this little guy may be a little too young for the next Olympic games taking place in Beijing in 2022, you may want to keep an eye on him for the 2026 games.

Next up, Yota’s kiddo will cast a spell on your heart.

Casting a Spell


This little guy doesn’t need to use magic to capture your heart. With a nod to the wildly successful series of novels by JK Rowling, Yota7454 portrays his son as a wizard of Gryffindor.

The baby is fully outfitted in a wizarding cloak and a wand that surely came from Ollivanders. The glasses, of course, make you think of the most famous wizard in Hogwarts history, the boy known as Harry Potter.

Wait until you see how his kids rock out in style!

Rock Out!


With his Gibson-type guitar strapped to his chest along with a pair of rockstar boots and pompadour hairstyle, this kid looks like he’s ready to sell out arenas across the world.

Every child imagines being a rock and roller at some point or another and thanks to Yota, his son is getting an early start on his possible future dreams. While this image can remind you of many different guitar gods, the hair is reminiscent of Elvis Presley.

How about a quick pick up game? That’s up next!

He’s Got a Basketball Jones


This little Point Guard is making a move and taking his teddy bear to the hole. Yota created a sweet scene featuring his son as a pro basketball player, with a headband and the last kicks. The question now, is who was Yota referencing with number 18.

According to Sports Illustrated, 1970’s Celtic, Dave Cowens is the most famous NBA player to ever wear the number. Maybe this little guy will be the next player to put the number up in the rafters.

Another music inspired scene is up next.

I Just Want to Bang on the Drum all day


Just like the hit Todd Rundgren song from the 1970’s, this little guy seems content to bang away at his durm all day. While many kids dream of being lead singers or ripping off solos on the electric guitars, there is always room for a steady and talented drummer.

Whether his role model might be a punk rock drummer like Travis Barker or a prog rock legend like Neil Peart, the world is at this tiny stickman’s fingertips.

Now, how about some Disney magic?

How Far I’ll Go


As any parent with a Netflix account knows, kids love Moana. Like they really, really love Moana and they sing all the songs and want to watch the movie over and over again. It seems like the love for the Disney movie crosses oceans into Japan as well.

The movie has spawned plenty of Halloween costumes. While this little guy is dressed up like Moana, Maui and Sina are popular costumes as well.

Up next is a beastly tale.

Be Our Guest


The Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, has been charming film-goers since its debut in 1991. The timeless tale, where a Prince learns to be kind and falls in love with the beautiful Belle was remade into a live action film in March of 2017.

Here, Yota portrays his son as Beauty against the background of an agreeable Beast. Maybe a better title for this one would be Baby and the Beast.

And now onto a Pixar favorite!

You’ve Got A Friend In Me


When you look at Yota’s collection of artwork, it quickly becomes apparent that he is a big lover of Disney films. In this piece, he calls to Toy Story by imagining his son as the hard-charging Jessie.

Any fan of Toy Story knows, Jessie never goes anywhere without her trusty steed Bullseye. This picture should be more than enough to whet the appetite for fans who have been waiting for years to see more Toy Story on the big screen.

Maybe his kids will grow up to be an artist just like him. Check out the next drawing to see why.

Paint Me A Picture


Let’s just put a bunch of happy little trees right here. What kind of painting is this little guy thinking of creating for us? Yota has placed a paintbrush in the hands of his sleeping son and he is capable of creating any of the images he sees in his dreams.

Arts and crafts are an incredible way to both bond with your children while also fostering their burgeoning creativity. This dad just happens to incorporate art in a very different way.

And his kiddos can also catch some waves with Snoopy.

Surfs Up!


The weather outside is warm and its time to take advantage of the surf. Not only is this hodad riding the waves, he’s doing so with a character familiar to millions. Yota made sure that while his son was surfing he was joined by Snoopy from the Peanuts.

The surfing buddies are totally styled out with hip boards and even hipper shorts. It might be time for the little guy to strap on his goggles, though.

They’re Heeeeerrree


Some nights you finally get the kids to bed and you just want to watch some TV and they won’t go to sleep. It can feel a little bit like this. In this piece, Yota is calling back to to the film, The Ring.

While many American filmgoers are familiar with The Ring from Gore Verbinski’s 2002 version which starred Naomi Watts, the original version was released in Japan in 1998.

Flip the Switch


Being a parent is an incredible and fulfilling experience. For the most part, the days are filled with joy and wonder and you are constantly amazed at the growth in your children.

But, there are other kinds of days that can go sideways for a multitude of reasons. And there is no Mom or Dad out there that doesn’t wish that their little angel had an on or off switch so they could get a bit of a break.

Hang me out to Dry.


Before kids, doing the laundry is a pretty simple process. You may have to throw in a few loads over the course of the week to make sure you always have something fresh. Kids, though, tend to change all of that.

Once you start raising little ones, the laundry seems to go on forever. Instead of getting upset about it, maybe the best idea is to just come to terms with the fact that you’ll never be done.

And It’s A Triple Axel!


Every four years, the Winter Olympics come around and the world gets excited about figure skating. In Japan, however, fans follow the sport year round. The Japanese have a long history of winning medals.

Females Midori Ito, Shizuka Arakawa and Mao Asada have been among the biggest names in the sport over the last 20 years. Male figure skaters have been even more successful. Yuzuru Hanyu captured the 2014 and 2018 Olympic gold medals.

Swashbuckling On The High Seas


Kids have very big imaginations. One thing they often dream about is being a pirate sailing on the 7 seas. The Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy was a global phenomenon and inspired kids around the world to picture themselves as Long John Silver or Blackbeard. We may or not be getting another Pirates of the Caribbean movie to inspire a new generation of kids. The most recent reboot idea for the film series was recently canceled.

Making Beautiful Music


Here Yota pays tribute to the magic of music and the incredible bond it can create for children and parents. While eventually, parents will think that their kids music is terrible and kids will think parents music is old fashioned, little kids are like musical sponges.

Childhood is also a great time for kids to take up musical instruments. In the past, children generally started on the piano or violin, but now they can pretty much grab any instruments they’d like.

Under The Sea


There are few places that hold more wonder for kids than the ocean. A number of famous kids movies, like Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid take place underwater. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the sea.

You can always take them for a swim in the ocean, a lake or a nearby pool. Most towns also feature a nearby aquarium where children can see the creatures from their favorite movies up close.

These Are The Nice Kind Of Monsters

Where the wild things are

If you haven’t realized it by now, Pixar movies provide a fair bit of inspiration for Yota’s artwork. In this piece, the artist references the 2001 movie, Monsters Inc. which featured the voice talents of John Goodman and Billy Crystal.

In the charming story, the monsters realize that they shouldn’t be scaring children, but charming them instead. While the movie didn’t have a sequel, it did have a prequel, Monsters University, released in 2013.

Puff The Magic Dragon


Like in many other Asian cultures, the dragon is revered in Japan. For the Japanese, dragons are water deities and different towns would appeal to dragons to provide rainfall during droughts.

Dragons are also currently having a moment in popular culture. While dragons played big roles in television series like Merlin and movie series like, The Hobbit, nowhere have they been more prominent than in the global epic, Game of Thrones.

I’m Batman!


Since it’s inception in 1927, Batman has captured the imagination of parents and children alike. Aside from comic books, the caped crusaders have been featured in television and films since 1966. There is, of course, more Batman to come.

The film series will be rebooted once again in 2021 by filmmaker Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson taking the lead role and donning the cowl.

You can check out more art work by Yota7454 on his Instagram Feed