Gifts That Your Dad Is Tired Of Getting On Father’s Day

Dads are a tough breed to crack, especially when it comes to Father’s Day. You may be among the rare few whose father says exactly what they want as a gift and where to buy it, but the rest of us are stuck with the “I don’t know, anything is fine” breed of dad.

Every Father’s Day, we’re left completely stumped and start thinking of basic gifts any dad would like, but this year we have five default gifts that you should steer clear of because you’ve given them to your dad for the past ten years and he deserves better.

Do Dads Even Know How To Use Tools Anymore?

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You go to Lowe’s in search of a last-minute Father’s Day gift and see that they have a bunch of tools on sale. Perfect! You can get dad a new power drill since he doesn’t have one. But wait. Why doesn’t he have one already?

Tools are one of those things that unless your dad recently broke one of his or he specifically asked for you to get him that new set of wrenches, don’t buy it. If he had a need for them in his life he probably wouldn’t have waited for you to buy them on Father’s Day,

When Was The Last Time You Even Saw Your Dad Wear A Tie?

neck ties cartoon
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It seems like a great idea at the time. You see a super funny tie with cartoons on it or a funny saying, it makes you laugh in the store so you think ‘hey why don’t I get that for my dad for father’s day?’

But now I want you to think, have you ever actually seen your dad wearing that Snoopy tie you got him for Father’s Day circa 2008 to the office? No? Because he doesn’t want to look like he’s tieing too hard. Also, he doesn’t want to be the dude obsessed with Charlie Brown, duh.

No Man Needs 13,000 Coffee Mugs

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Every regular coffee drinker has a favorite mug at home, whether they consciously know it or not. It’s the mug they always reach for in the morning, that they choose from the cupboard over every other. And that’s exactly the point. There’s a cupboard full of mugs from retirements, birthdays, Christmases, and anniversaries, and your dad doesn’t need any more.

A “world’s greatest dad” mug is perfectly acceptable, sure, but a cupboard full of them is not. You have one year to buy that mug, after that, you have to come up with another idea.

Your Dad Already Owns Everything BBQ Related

BBQ dad in Berlin
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How many sets of bbq tongs, basting brushes, and steak knives does one dad need? The answer is one, maybe two. MAYBE. Your dad doesn’t need you to buy him a new set of barbeque tongs every year, especially ones that are probably lesser value than the ones you got him last June.

No matter how much your dad loves to barbeque, remember that he only has two hands. He could be the best barbequer in all of Louisiana, but he still cannot physically use four basting brushes and seven burger flippers.

The Fool-Proof Gift

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If you find yourself stuck with nothing to give him, you could always just not get him anything! If he refuses to cooperate and says he just wants your love and affection for Father’s Day this year, then that’s what he’ll get. That will teach him to come up with ideas ahead of time for next year.

As a backup if you really don’t want to show up empty handed, you could buy him hideous socks to match the cartoon tie you probably already ordered off Amazon.