This Little Girl Insisted On Having A “The Nun” Theme Birthday Party

If you asked a typical 3-year-old girl what theme they wanted for their birthday party, you’d probably end up with something Disney themed like Moana or Frozen or superhero themed. Maybe toss a unicorn or two in there and call it a day. Well, Lucia is not your typical 3-year-old.

Instead of a “normal” party, she politely asked her parents to theme her birthday around the 2018 horror film The Nun. So naturally, as any good parent would, they obliged. And yes, the results are just as adorable and creepy as you’d expect.

Lucia Has Been Obsessed With The Nun For Months

lucia standing beside her nun theme cake

You might be wondering how a 3-year-old became obsessed with a PG-13 horror film. One word: grandparents. Any parent knows that all the rules go out the window when your child visits grandma and grandpa, and that’s exactly how Lucia first watched The Nun.

According to Lucia’s older cousin Andrea, Lucia first became obsessed with the horror movie after watching it at her grandmother’s house, and rather than being scared of the character, she “felt a connection” and told her mother that The Nun is protecting her.

So When Her Birthday Came Around, Her Parents Weren’t Shocked By The Request

lucia standing beside the nun balloon figure

For months and months, Lucia would tell her mother Laura that she wanted her third birthday to be all about The Nun. Her mom brushed it off, but the closer they got to the big day, Laura quickly realized the theme wasn’t changing.

To absolutely no surprise, it’s wasn’t exactly easy for Lucia’s parents to put together a birthday party based on The Nun. All of the cake and costumes had to be handmade. The party favors took a bit of extra work and Lucia’s parents actually hand papier-mâchéd the piñata for the party.

Even Lucia’s Friends Got On Board With The Theme

lucia and friend both dressed in nun themes makeup

Having a 3-year-old be excited about a horror movie is not the norm, but having all her young friends get on board with the theme is even stranger. Most kids—and most adults—cry at scary movies like The Nun, but Lucia’s friends were happy to show up with their faces painted just like the iconic horror character.

Lucia’s cousin said that her family and friends didn’t mind going above and beyond because it was all about making the birthday girl happy!

The Internet Wishes They Were As Hardcore As Lucia

lucia in nun costume taking bite of cake

When Lucia’s mother and cousin posted the birthday party photos online to Facebook and Twitter, they immediately went viral. Internet users admitted they were “equal parts scared and delighted.” Some people actually drew fan art of Lucia and her The Nun piñata.

The viral post even caught the attention of celebrities in the horror genre like the producer, actor, and director Jordan Peele. He responded to Andrea’s viral tweet by writing, “Does she have a godfather?”

Apparently, This Isn’t Totally Out Of The Ordinary

isaiah chuckie themed 6th birthday cake

Some of the replies to Lucia’s birthday party included other parents sharing their children’s strange horror-themed birthdays. One user shared a photo of her young daughter who had dressed up and did her own makeup to look like the character from Coraline. Another mother shared her 6-year-old son’s Chuckie birthday cake that included blood-splattered cupcakes.

These horror-inspired birthdays might a bit strange, but as parents, it’s all about making your kid happy. Just make sure to take tons of photos to show them when they’re older.