Parents Are Throwing Cheese At Their Babies And It’s Getting Out Of Hand

It’s nearly impossible to know what trend the internet is going to hold onto. From eating TidePods to pouring buckets of water on your head for charity to telling your kids you stole their Halloween candy and sending it into Jimmy Kimmel, there’s always a new ‘challenge’ around the corner.

The newest trend that we still can’t believe is actually taking off is “cheesing” your babies. Patient zero is Twitter user @unclehxlmes who approached his kid like a shark at the beach and tossed some American cheese onto his child’s face.

It’s Hilarious And Cheesy At The Same Time

Twitter / @unclehxlmes
Twitter / @unclehxlmes

The poor kid was sitting in his high chair observing the world for what it is when he got blindsided by a flying orange square. The wide-eyed cutie has his sippy cup in hand and got completely blindsided by some sticky cheese that ends up blocking his right eye and cheek, leaving his left eye and mouth to express confusion.

The baby reacted like anyone would who gets cheese thrown at their face. He looked up at his dad with a look of shock and utter betrayal.

The Unthinkable Happened

cheese baby
Twitter / @abc15
Twitter / @abc15

After the six-second video was posted to Twitter, it took off. Within the first day, it was getting millions of views. The original post garnered over 236,000 retweets and 660,000 likes with thousands of imitators “cheesing” their babies too. It became abundantly clear that the act of “cheesing” had been chosen as the next viral hit.

Hundreds and hundreds of babies were getting cheesed all over the world. It was basically an epidemic at this point. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Cats And Dogs Became Targets

cat cheese
Twitter / @NiaVardalos
Twitter / @NiaVardalos

Humans started going rogue with their cheese slices. Not only were they hurling processed cheese at the most vulnerable among the human race, but they started turning on their own pets.

Cats started feeling the wrath of a wet cheese slice gracing their fragile noggins. Some people even chased their dogs around the house to get a quick “cheesing” in on them too. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse, it absolutely did.

Are Snakes Lactose Intolerant?

snake cheese
Twitter / @MAGApeach
Twitter / @MAGApeach

Was there any pet that would be exempt from a Kraft Single landing on their face and temporarily blinding them? Well, this picture should tell you everything you need to know.

It’s one thing to “cheese” a cat or a dog, both of whom have legs to protect themselves, but it’s another thing to go for a snake. They can’t protect themselves or lift the cheese slice off their face. When will the madness end?