Parents Who Said They Didn’t Want A Dog And Now Are Madly In Love With Their Pets

When it comes to dogs, does no really mean no? Look at those big innocent eyes, the wagging tail, that cute way they lick their behind and then your face. It would take an absolute stone-cold stoic to refuse that puppy love when it’s brought home. Or a monster, just saying.

Check out these parents who took a hard stance and then later had their hearts absolutely incinerated by their pets. I see your firm dad ‘no’ and I raise you one golden retriever puppy.

These Cuddle Buds

dad dog sleeping puppy on head
Photo Credit: salpalxx / Reddit

You could look at this photo and say ‘that doesn’t seem like the dad changed his mind about having a dog.’ Oh, contraire my friend. This is an example of a dad-pupper bond that eclipses all else. The dad is so comfortable with the dog he didn’t even wake up to a paw in the eye.

These two are so in sync that they’re probably having the same dreams right now. The dog is going to wake up feeling the urge to mow the lawn and the dad is going to have a strong craving for kibble.

If You Love Something Put It On A Blanket

mom blanket dog
Photo Credit: @natashalala28 / Twitter

This dog has graduated to the highest level of novelty praise that a mother can offer. Even more coveted than the coffee-mug photo, the blanket portrait means for certain that this guy has solidified his place in the family.

This blanket is a portion of a two-part endeavor. Check out the pumpkin costume, the leaves in the background, and the soft vignette focus on the camera – this was an autumn photoshoot. Move over babies sitting on piles of leaves for the doting mom, this dog is here to bask in all the love and attention.

These Two Netflix Marathoners

dad dog watching tv cute couch together
Photo Credit: Zukinicat / Reddit

Reddit user Zukinicat said that his dad, ‘said he didn’t want to adopt my brother’s dog.’ This isn’t only an adoption here sir – this is full-blown commitment. There is no greater commitment than starting a new Netflix series with someone, and it’s only to be done if you love them unconditionally.

Think about it, their schedules probably don’t always match up. The dad has work, while the dog has a hectic schedule of naps, walks, and growling at walls – they have to schedule in advance to fit some good quality time in. This is stable adult love.

Check out the unique way these two shared the couch…

Hi Son, You’ve Been Replaced

text dog dad hello brother
Photo Credit: brahbocop / Reddit

This dog has achieved the coveted spot as the subject of the impromptu ‘you look so cute right now’ photoshoot and stands as an equal in the dad’s eyes. This son should be worried about his inheritance right about now.

This Boston Terriror’s ascension isn’t going to stop with brother status. No, no. He’ll soon be moving up to a high managerial position at the company the son works at, then taking the family name and crest. ‘Hi brother,’ more like ‘hi soon-to-be-underling.’

This Pug’s Been Immortalized

pug pepper salt shaker mom
Photo Credit: @karinaB98 / Twiiter

For a mom who adamantly didn’t want a dog before, immortalizing her dog forever seems like a pretty big change. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a salt holder – this symbol of love is equivalent to building a Taj Mahal in the dog’s honor.

Too bad that the artist didn’t capture the little drip of drool on the corner of the pug’s mouth or the vacant and vaguely concerned look in the dog’s eyes. Those would have better captured the likeness of this guy. Actually, it’s probably better they were left out.

This Smol Neck Warmer

dad dog sleep ipad
Photo Credit: wismey / Reddit

You know this dog wormed its way into this dad’s heart by showing its skills as a neck warmer. The dad was probably putty in the dog’s hands after the nice feeling of its 2-pound body supporting his vertebrae. Ah, yes, right there.

This dad would probably run into trouble at airports if he tried to bring him on as a neck pillow, though he would definitely try. If the cuteness of this dog got him to change his mind about dogs then maybe it could get him to change his preferred travel method. Hello trains with no TSA.

This dog was babied so much after his dad reluctantly accepted her…

Dressed Fur The Occasion

mom dog dad clothes dogs dressed up
Photo Credit: @AndyCordova24 / Twitter

For a couple of parents who ‘didn’t want a dog,’ getting two and dressing them up in starched white shirts for an event is a giant leap and a double-down into dog parenthood. Whatever the occasion was, it just got 10000% better the moment that this squad rolled through the door looking fresh.

The best part of this photo is the pure joy on both of these parents’ faces as they hold up these doggos. Are they showing off their craftsman skills at making tailored clothing pieces for quadripedal, or are they showcasing their good boys? Either is totally understandable.

He Dressed Her In A Family Heirloom

dog dad dress funny cute
Photo Credit: pleasecreatemyacc / Reddit

Reddit user pleasecreatemyacc says that their, ‘dad dressed the dog he didn’t want in my childhood dress he kept for his first granddaughter.’ In his eyes, the dog is the baby – which is a feeling most pet parents can relate to.

You see those little hellions grow up, take their first baths, bite another kid at daycare, and get fleas for the first time, so it’s fitting that you include them in your family traditions. Plus, when the granddaughter comes along, the dress will have the soothing smell of new puppy on it. Ahhh, relaxing.

That’s A Weird Looking Baby

dog puppy clothing dad holding dress up
Photo Credit: lollove95

‘My dad didn’t want a dog at first’ seems to translate into major dog-babying behavior. Reluctant dog dads fall back on the parenting skills they already have in response to a cute thing they don’t know how to handle. Pretty soon he’s going to be teaching this dog her multiplication tables at the dinner table.

What’s even cuter about this photo is the little picture of Big Bird on her chest. Does she even watch Sesame Street? Her face says yes. That pensive and slightly confused stare can only be from learning the mysterious value of sharing.

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Hold Me Closer Giant Dancer

dad dog hug great dane trained
Photo Credit: chloethenerdy / Reddit

This initially reluctant dad taught his big dog how to hug. How insanely out of this world cute is that? Hugs from a giant dog are just intrinsically better than human hugs. Just make sure he doesn’t feel the need to hug a child. He might make starting tight end this year.

These two look so pleased with themselves for being able to do this. It’s probably the best trick someone could teach their giant pet. Playing dead is too gruesome, start learning how to grab a partner and sway like Tony Danza.

This Tender Moment

dad hug dog pug tender moment
Photo Credit: manicandflood / Reddit

This dad may not have known the value of pug cuddles before he said no to the dog – but he definitely does now. We’ve stumbled upon a tender moment in the Savannah of the living room. Here we can see a wild father-figure tamed by the soft fur of a pug sitting on his belly.

The way this dog looks is super patient and ready for it all. This guy definitely has been subjected to the prolonged dad-bear-hug before and enjoys it. Let’s leave these two in peace to enjoy their moment.

This Mom Who Reused Children’s Stuff

dog sleep bed teddy bear
Photo Credit: @Kevviinn__ / Twitter

This definitely used to be a child’s bed and 100% used to be the kid’s blanket and toys. This mom knows the value of the ol’ reduce-reuse-recycle mantra because why not get another use out of those expensive children’s things? Doesn’t matter if it’s a dog. Dogs need sleep too.

This photo is great because this dog bed is levels above any of its other dog bed isotopes and it comes from a mom who didn’t even want a pet. Every other dog that comes over probably gets incredibly jealous of this dog’s sweet digs. Too bad, losers.

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One For The Road

dad dog driving looking at road together
Photo Credit: DancingintheRayn / Reddit

This is a rare photo of a road hog with his road dog. Make no mistake, these two may look cute together, but they’re out here with yellow line fever burning rubber in the midday sun. This is major partner-in-crime energy.

The dog looks like he’s giving directions to the dad on where to go. He’s definitely the one that wears the pants in this reluctant relationship. Also, who took the photo? Are we witnessing the first dog to grow thumbs to take photos with a phone, because he’s so advanced with his directional capabilities? Folks, here’s the missing link.

These Drinking Buds

mom dog drinking lab
Photo Credit: @JPizzzle_ / Twitter

This mom definitely wasn’t considering the possibility that a dog would offer her a potential drinking partner when she said ‘no’ for the first time. Think about it — dogs can’t judge you based on how much wine you’ve had, they’re always down to cuddle, and if you’re drunk enough, you could try and ride them. You’ll probably have minimal success, but that’s a side concern.

These two are meant to be together. Really, everyone knows how great red wine and chocolate go together. Chocolate labs are even better because they’re full-bodied and are highly unlikely to drink your beverage themselves.

From The Shelter To The Sweet Potato

dog mom cooking german shepherd sweet potatoes
Photo Credit: SpecCRA / Reddit

Reddit user SpeccCRA writes that when their dog, ‘was a puppy, my mom refused to even touch him for months. Now, she cooks and gives him sweet potatoes every day.’ This is just way too adorable – you know you’re truly accepted as part of the family when mom cooks you an awesome sweet potato. Yukon gold just won’t cut it.

It’s hilarious that the dog is waiting for his mom to finish making the food like every kid on the planet has ever done. We’ve all been 7 and hanging off our mom’s legs wailing for mac n’ cheese.

Dad Makes Sure He’s All Tucked In

dog tucked into bed cute dad tuck in
Photo Credit: salpalxx / Reddit

Reddit user salpalxx writes that their ‘dad didn’t want a dog… now he tucks the dog into bed every night.’ This dad is treating his dog just like you would a baby, so hopefully, he reads him some tender nighttime stories about chasing infinite squirrels so he can have pleasant dreams.

This dog looks so peaceful and content – he must know how deep his hold in his human’s heart goes. That’s clearly the restful sleep of a warrior who fought an uphill battle of trying to win a stubborn dad over and won. Rest easy dog-son.

On The First Day They’re Plugged In Together

dad dog ipad watching sleeping lap
Photo Credit: LawEx / Reddit

This iPad dad learned today that there is no greater power of distraction than that of the smol doggo. Look at those eyes and that pett-able fur – there’s no way that this dad can continue to watch his show without peeking a glance at this adorable ball of fur.

This picture just shows how all your priorities change the minute you get a dog. Before the dog, there was Netflix, and before Netflix was another smaller human child. But before Netflix? Nothing. It was dark times before these two got together.

The Goodest Boy Profile Picture

dog nose dad whatsapp photo
Photo Credit: MemoryLeaker / Reddit

You know you’ve become truly obsessed with your pet when your social media strangely begins to look like it’s theirs. Your profile picture is your dog, all your photos are of your dog, and your posts are dedicated to updating the public on vet trips and dog park shenanigans.

This dog’s placement as his dad’s Whatsapp photo is truly a new level of dog social media takeover. If you’re not careful you may forget exactly who it is you’re talking to. Wow, Sparky, that’s really smart of you to know it’s garbage day but bossy to ask me to do it.

A Splash Of Dachs

mom and daschound tucked in cute dog
Photo Credit: jencalle / Reddit

When this mom said ‘no dogs’ she clearly meant every single dog except for this one. This little dachshund has crawled its way into her heart like it did into her blanket nest. There’s no way after the first time it did this that she would hold any animosity towards the creature. It’s too pure for this world.

You can tell these two do this nightly routine every single day. It’s just business at this point and the speed at which the dachshund jumps onto the couch at exactly 8 pm is peak efficiency.

This Dad Who Picked Up Some Extra Chores

dad dog coats hanging up both
Photo Credit: PeppermintPhatty / Reddit

Reddit user PeppermintPhatty says that her, ‘dad didn’t want a dog. Now he hangs up both their coats to dry after it rains.’ If this isn’t a turnaround than I don’t know what is.

The highest level of love for something is if you’re willing to to do their laundry. Did that girlfriend you had in college you thought you loved do your laundry? Didn’t think so. This dad is willing to go the extra mile for the love of his life he never expected – the dog. You know it’s real because he bought them matching coats too.