Pictures That Prove Kids Are Just The Copy And Paste Version Of Their Parents

Family is a strong force. Sometimes it’s so strong that it creates uncanny resemblances. These parents basically created their own clones. I know we haven’t perfected that kind of technology yet, but whatever these parents are doing, it’s working.

Keep reading to see some kids who are the spitting image of one of their parents. Some of these are absolutely insane.

Father And Son

Photo Credit: gassmaster / Reddit

How is this even possible? If I didn’t know they were father and son, I would think that they were twins.

I wonder if that’s the exact same vest from like thirty years earlier? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They even like the same foods.

Mother And Daughter

Photo Credit: DroidsRugly / Reddit

This is just spooky. Imagine giving birth to yourself. Even if they weren’t striking the same pose, I would think they look identical.

I guess this little girl knows what she’s going to look like when she grows up. Mom has some very strong genes.

This Dad Looks Just Like His Daughter

Photo Credit: Korin Cane / Facebook

This little girl (on the right) looks exactly like her dad looked when he was her age. They have the same hair, the same eyes, even the same two front teeth.

It’s like somebody just put dad in a photo copier and made this little one.

I’m Officially Shook

Photo Credit: boom1397 / Reddit

These two men are father and son. They are both twenty years old in these pictures. The picture on the left is the dad, in case you couldn’t tell, because I definitely couldn’t.

It looks like dad took his twenties a little bit more seriously. He looks so official in that uniform.

Just Like Daddy

Photo Credit: Clare Reed Rossetto / Facebook

When this man (well, I guess he’s a boy in this picture, but he’s a man now) decided to have kids, I bet he didn’t expect his daughter to have his exact face.

It’s gotta be pretty trippy seeing yourself as a little girl.

Not Much Has Changed

Photo Credit: Reddit

If you transported this guy back to the days when his father was young, he would probably get mistaken for his own father constantly. Good thing time travel isn’t possible yet. That would get confusing real quick.

I wonder if that’s actually the same shirt.

Mother And Daughter At 25

Photo Credit: shaylybri / Reddit

Looks like this mother and daughter both have a thing for turtlenecks and red glasses. I think they both look pretty stylish.

Seriously, if the daughter permed her hair I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. They both look great in those red specs.

Three Generations Of Lookalikes

Photo Credit: yessykeena / Reddit

On the right is a woman and her first born son. On the left is that woman’s daughter and her first born son. I guess some things never change.

Her mom looks really young in that first picture. The babies look even younger. I guess that’s the way babies work.

They Could Be Sisters

Photo Credit: Reddit

These two look like identical twin sisters, but in reality they’re mother and daughter— just a couple decades apart. Clearly they both love a halter dress.

Who doesn’t love a halter dress, really? It’s clearly a timeless look. I can’t tell who’s the mother and who’s the daughter.

A Man And His Grandfather

Photo Credit: Kelley Ponto / Facebook

Well, it looks like this man’s genes skipped a generation. Either that or somebody is a time-traveling wizard.

After taking a second look, I think the time-traveling wizard theory is more likely. No two people look that much alike. Something magical is going on here.

This Baby Looks Just Like His Mom

Photo Credit: Michelle Graham / Facebook

Um… I think this mother just made a clone of herself. They have the exact same mouth. Actually, I think they’re the exact same person.

Those little noses are just too adorable for words. Can babies time travel? Because I think that’s what’s happening here.

Like Father Like Son

Photo Credit: Sgt-Yux2 / Reddit

These two look like they just stepped out of the same fashion magazine. Or maybe two copies of the same fashion magazine.

That rolled up sleeve look is really working for them. When they look at each other it must be just like looking in a mirror.

Side By Side

Photo Credit: @manuel.walch / Instagram

Was this guy cloned? I’m pretty sure he was cloned. The guy on the left just looks like the guy on the right with a shaved beard. I think we’re going to need to do some genetic testing, because this is just too freaky.

I wonder if this man’s son reminds him of his glory days?

She Looks Just Like Her Mom

Photo Credit :Rachel Cross/ Facebook

Bangs? Check. Brown eyes? Check? Cute nose? Check. A pretty white communion dress? Well, close enough. I think Elmo is pretty holy. He is a legend, after all.

It must be so weird to look into your child’s eyes and see your own eyes looking back at you.

I Think Reincarnation Is A Thing

Photo Credit: Jen Gevy / Facebook

This little baby’s father is all grown up now and very much alive, but under different circumstances, I would think this baby is just his father reincarnated.

I guess you can live forever. You just have to have a kid who looks exactly like you.

1976 Vs. 2012

Photo Credit: dogboyboy / Reddit

Honestly, when I first looked at this picture, I couldn’t tell which squares were the father and which squares were the son. Is this a vertical comparison or a horizontal one? All of these photos look the same.

A lot changes in three decades, but a lot also stays the same.

This Has To Be The Same Girl

Photo Credit: Ammie Thakkar / Facebook

These pictures look like two pictures of the same girl, only she’s smiling in the picture on the right. In reality, this is a picture of a mother and daughter.

Can you believe this madness? Get the White House on the phone. I have some suspicious activity to report. This just isn’t normal.

The Beard Makes It

Photo Credit: palimpsestor / Reddit

This man looks a lot like his grandfather, but a lot of that resemblance is probably due to the distinctive beard style. If they both shaved their beards and they still looked the same, that would be something to talk about.

I’m still going to talk about this though because I think it’s pretty cool.

Grandmother And Granddaughter

Photo Credit: CurtisMark / Reddit

Look at their little squinty eyes! These two little girls have grown up (or in the baby’s case, are growing up) in very different times.

This little girl on the right is probably going to know how to work an iPad by the time she’s one.

The Same Smile

Photo Credit: Kate Michalowski / Facebook

This father and son pair are pretty much identical. They even have the same smile. The only thing the baby on the right is missing is a pair of overalls.

Let’s get him some Christmas overalls, stat. He needs them so he can look just like his daddy.