People Tried The Snapchat Gender Swap Filter And Were Either Shocked Or Scared

A lot of us have wondered what we’d look like as a different gender. Maybe we’d look like our brothers or sisters. Or here’s a hot take for you, maybe we’d even look like our parents. That thought is particularly scary.

These people tried the newest version of Snapchat’s gender filter and the results were truly wild. Some got the validation they needed to brag about looking hot as another gender while others were just scared. Buckle up everyone, these people are out to change the catfishing game.

The Queen Looks Like Human Shrek

queen snapchat gender filter queen looks like a man has beard
Photo Credit: @eatfooder / Twitter

We all watched Shrek 2 and were mildly concerned about how good looking Shrek was as a human. We all walked away scratching our heads wondering what the franchise would be like if it was all different. We laid awake at night wondering if donkey would also make a hot man.

Thanks to Twitter user @eatfooder we know have to live with the knowledge that the Queen in male drag could play a live-action human version of the ogre himself. They’re probably already working on another sequel.

Lady Bird Turned Jail Bird

snapchat filter jail bird
Photo Credit: @BexLafferty / Twitter

@BexLafferty on Twitter was shocked to discover that the male version of her has the look of an ex-con. She asks, ‘why does that gender switch filter on Snapchat make me look like I’ve gone to jail?’

Yeah, this guy has done a few years in the clink. Those cold-hard eyes just scream attempted burglary. Maybe a couple of public intoxication charges in college and an ongoing credit card fraud just to top it off. Don’t ask this guy about the gaps on his resumé.

This Guy Who Went Tinder Catfishing

snapchat gender swap tinder
Photo Credit: KoperM / Reddit

The inevitable part of this filter invention is that people are going to use it to try and reel in some strangers online. It’s just too powerful a tool. Let Reddit user KoperM’s experiment teach you not to trust online dating sites so readily.

He got so many matches and superlikes within a few minutes that he said he couldn’t keep up. He said that the experience made him wonder why guys are ‘so desperate.’ Welcome to the cringe world of questions females ask themselves every time they go online.

This elementary school girl looks like a 32-year-old GameStop cashier…

Computer Expert Does A Deep Dive

snapchat gender filter male normal female three iamges
Photo Credit: Eric Jang /

It’s not only selfie fans out here using this thing. Eric Jang, a machine learning and computer expert, spent some time playing around with the filter too. Eric applied the ‘male’ and ‘female’ filters then tested how well the app performed and results are shocking.

Jang discovered that the filter works in a multitude of lighting, the hair doesn’t cast shadows, it doesn’t work when there’s more than half of your face hidden. Thanks to Jang we can all go out and catfish with better quality photos and know-how.

The New Jersey Devils As Women

steven santini NJ devils snapchat gender filter as a female
Photo Credit: @henriqueits0ver / Instagram / riccarjo / Reddit

Turns out this filter is also great for seeing what your favorite draft pick looks like as a different gender. Reddit user riccarjo went through and applied the filter to the entire roster to get a sense of what the Devil-ettes would look like. Spoiler: a couple still had soul patches.

This is what defensemen Steven Santini would look like as a Stephanie. I think it’s fair to say he’d make a great Steph too. She looks like she’s a wiz with the puck and with a pair of eyebrow tweezers. You go girl.

This Kid Looks Like A 32-Year-Old

girl snapchat filter looks ghostly
Photo Credit: @Nolan_atrick / Twitter

Sometimes you don’t always look like the hot dude you pictured yourself as. But you at least expect to look your age, right? That’s not always the case as this elementary school student found out.

This girl seriously looks like a 32-year-old who hates their job and wants to move out of their mother’s place but doesn’t have good enough credit to do it. That’s what happens when you spend your teen years buying limited edition Ariana Grande merchandise from Amazon. I think this guy has cashed me out at GameStop once.

This guy discovered he looks like the mom who always wants to speak to the manager…

This Girl Who Finally Saw The Family Resemblance

snapchat gender swap sister and brother
Photo Credit: @aerodrigueztv / Twitter

Twitter user @aerodrigueztv was shocked to find out that when she applied the ‘male filter’ she looked like… her brother. That makes sense but the resemblance is uncanny.

They look like the same person – Snapchat even got the mustache shape right. The guy on the right looks like he’s going to a family dinner, and the guy on the left looks like he’s trying to Facetime you at 3 am in bed asking you to come over. He did promise it was just for ‘cuddles.’

This Politician Looks Good On A Bill And As A Jill

money face swap snapchat gender filter Yusof Bin Cantik
Photo Credit: Caninomancy / Reddit

Reddit user Caninomancy also decided to have a little fun with his money when he used the Snapchat gender filter on the 1965 Singaporean president Yusof Bin Cantik. If you’re going to be staring into your wallet wishing you had more money you might as well make it more exciting.

This one turned out kind of strange. Snapchat decided to fade basically everything except Cantik’s eyes so they look like they’re jumping off the bill. Or maybe that’s just his natural smoldering gaze. I doubt he had the winged eyeliner applied beforehand.

This Guy Turned Into A Karen

snapchat gender filter guy looks like a middle aged woman named karen
Photo Credit: Johnbob-John / Reddit

Reddit user Johnbob-John found out that if you go looking for something you’re not always going to find what you want. Sometimes that thing is a fabled ‘Karen’ – a stereotype of a controlling mom who always wants to speak to a manager.

Johnbob-John writes that he, ‘used the gender swap filter on Snapchat and it Karen-ed me.’ He looks like he’s got the total Karen package – the long in the front short in the back haircut, a Starbucks iced-coffee, and a garbage can in her car for her kids’ granola bar wrappers. Mom on the go indeed.

This person created a scary believable male version of themselves and we don’t know how to feel…

At Least Now She Knows She’d Look Good

girl hotter as a guy snapchat gender swap photo selfie
Photo Credit: @jordylancaster / Twitter

Twitter user @jordylancaster just confirmed everything that we always want to think about ourselves – that we’d be hot as a different gender. But she’s a little dismayed at the results since she writes that the ‘gender switch Snapchat filter confirmed I would be 100% hotter as a dude wtf.’

Jordan, the grass is always greener on the other side. Or in this case, with slightly more facial hair, a strong jawline, and calm soulful eyes. Hopefully, she doesn’t get too hung up on it. At least she didn’t make an ugly dude.

This Girl Looks Like Post-Post Malone

post malone looks like snapchat filter
Photo Credit: @sahllofolina / Twitter

Twitter user @sahllofolina was shocked to find out that she looks like rapper Post Malone when she applied the Snapchat filter. Post Malone really can’t catch a break these days – between people dressing up as him for Halloween and Snapchat he’s going to have to start suing for identity fraud.

I think it’s safe to say that this girl doesn’t actually look like Post Malone. Maybe she’s seeing the resemblance in the facial hair but it’s not that close. She looks more like a blonde Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

You Can’t Really Tell Which Is The Filter

snapchat gender filter swap
Photo Credit: @ladyontheporch / Instagram

A lot of these aren’t very good – you can usually tell immediately which photo is the real one and which is the fake. Not this time thanks to Instagram user @ladyontheporch.

If it wasn’t for the little wisp of hair on the guy’s head that seems like it blends into the beige wall you wouldn’t be able to tell at all who’s real and who’s a filter. Kudos to her for setting up such an uncanny shot. Now I’m going to look away because my brain is starting to smoke.

Daniel Radcliffe should be worried about his career because of this girl…

Sometimes We’re Just Not As Cute As We Expected

snapchat gender swap ugly man
Photo Credit: @OliviaRiverlynn / Twitter

Twitter user @OliviaRiverlynn was shocked to discover that she ‘would be quite an unattractive man.’ Sometimes all we can do is count our lucky stars we weren’t born looking like our Snapchat twin.

He’s not that bad looking, he’s just got a look in his eye we’ve all seen many times. It’s that look of utter disappointment in you when you accidentally cut in front of him at Starbucks or when you say your indie-rock-synth band can play the electric cello better than his.

They Got To See What They’ Been Wondering About

snapchat gender filter selfie bathroom girl in yellow shirt
Photo Credit: COG_VOLTT / Reddit

This filter can be a good tool for people who’ve questioned their gender identitiy at some point. Reddit user COG_VOLTT says that ‘for someone who’s always thought about their gender this was nice to see.’

They look great and I’m sure they’ll look great as any gender. Snapchat just needs to come out with a filter that doesn’t have see-through hair so we can all get a better idea of what we’d look like with different hair. The bathroom-stall-peeking-through-the-wings hair cut is too hard to explain to stylists.

Daniel Radcliffe Should Be Nervous

snapchat gender filter girl looks like harry potter
Photo Credit: @mommysalwayshungry / Instagram

Instagram user @mommysalwayshungry discovered that she too had a celebrity look-a-like with the filter. This time instead of a knock-off Post Malone it’s a copy of our favorite wizard Harry Potter. Maybe she actually drank the polyjuice potion?

Snapchat is out here putting people’s successful acting careers in danger because of the scary-accurate doppelgangers it’s creating. Daniel Radcliffe is about to be out of a job if a movie studio can only get the filter to stick to this girl’s face while they film. Be nervous Daniel.

Arsenal F.C. As Women Too

arsenal player gender swap snapchat filter smiling
Photo Credit: maitlandniles.15 / Instagram / Hypetrain Conductor / Reddit

Have you ever wondered like the Arsenal F.C. soccer team would look like as females? No? Well, regardless, now you know thanks to the Snapchat prowess of Hypertrain Conductor on Reddit.

These photos of the team roster are hilarious because it’s clear where the Snapchat filter cuts off. Ainsley Maitland-Niles is like the rest of his team who have floating pretty lady heads over very muscular bodies. You can call her gorgeous but don’t try and cat-call her because she’ll slide tackle your ankles.

This Guy Discovers He Looks Like Chelsea Peretti

snapchat gender swap person looks like celebrity
Photo Credit: ReaperMP701 / Reddit

The Brooklyn Nine Nine star Chelsea Peretti may have found her long lost brother thanks to Snapchat. When Reddit user ReaperMP701 applied the filter he realized that he was a dead ringer for the comedian. Or at least her younger sister.

This is one of those cases that prove celebrities are regular people just like us. If we can look like them then why can’t was aspire to have successful careers like them? This selfie should just incentivize ReaperMP701 to start practicing his jokes and getting some police training.

This Avenger’s Cast Member Looks Like Zac Efron

peggy carter looks like zac efron snap chat gender filter
Photo Credit: ImperioAvis / Reddit

Aside from being Captain America’s long-time alternate-timeline love, Peggy Carter with the Snapchat filter is also a double of Zac Efron. Reddit user ImperioAvis noticed this similarity, and the results are shocking.

This news should really help merge the Zac Efron fandom with the Avenger’s fandom. This find could be colossal for both franchises and may be a collaboration that’s too powerful for us mortals. We all should be looking forward to seeing the role that Marvel offers Zac thanks to his twin connection on the inside.

Where Snapchat Fumbles FaceApp Recovers

snapchat filter face swap face app made this person look better it's a guy
Photo Credit: tuff_doggo / Reddit

Reddit user tuff_doggo discovered that sometimes the new cool thing the kids are doing isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. This is a story of trying your best, not succeeding, then picking yourself up and trying again. Truly inspirational.

Thanks to her perseverance and his quick jump over to FaceApp where they offer a similar service, tuff_doggo has provided us this legendary gender swap selfie against all odds. That jaw and those frosted tips make this mythical man look like the 2000’s punk boy band singer of your dreams.

These League Of Legends Champions Look Fierce

league of legneds champions snapchat filter swap gender
Photo Credit: TrinityTea / Reddit

The filter even works on League of Legends Champions as Reddit user TrinityTea discovered. The results are mixed – the software doesn’t really do well with computer graphics so a lot of the faces look the same but just with beards. So here’s some of that.

Here’s Annie and a baker from the 1st Pantheon official art as themselves – but hairier. Looks like Snapchat thought these ladies were fierce enough, but they just needed a little manscaping.