Sorry, Older Siblings, But Apparently Younger Siblings Are Funnier

If you think the comedic relief in your family is all thanks to the youngest child, then you’re not alone. Polls have shown that younger siblings tend to think they’re way funnier than their older siblings.

Not only do the polls show which sibling is funnier, but it shows some other interesting divides in personality traits. Check out which sibling is supposed to be funnier, more responsible, and more creative. Then you can decide whether or not you agree.

Are You The One Cracking Jokes, Or Are You The One Cracking Up?

some siblings laugh a lot together
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The funny thing about being funny (see what I did there) is that there is no real way to scientifically measure it. A person’s funny levels are completely subjective. Still, every family has the one goofball who knows how to make everyone hold their stomachs from laughing so much.

Do you think you’re the comedian of your family? Or do you know that it’s your sibling who can get everyone laughing even during the most serious moments?

The Polls Say The Youngest Is Funniest

youngest siblings are funnier
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The British pollster YouGov surveyed 1,783 adult siblings about what personality traits they personally believe to be more dominant. One of the most telling questions showed that 46% of younger siblings believe they are funnier than their older ones. Only 36% of older siblings thought they were the funnier one.

Once again, this poll is what the sibling thinks about themselves. Maybe they are funnier, but maybe they’re also just way more confident in their bad jokes.

There might be more to it though when you look at the other personality traits younger siblings have.

Overall, Younger Siblings Are Just Way More Chill

younger siblings tend to be more laidback
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It might not be as subjective as it seems though. When you take a look at the other personality traits younger siblings find dominate, it seems like they are just much more laid back. Younger siblings consider themselves to be more relaxed, more sociable, and more creative than their older counterparts.

All those traits combine to mean that younger siblings have a keen ability to read the room, make others feel relaxed, and tell creative jokes.

Maybe It’s Because Older Siblings Are More Responsible

Older siblings tend to be more responsible
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This isn’t to say that older siblings aren’t funny, but the polls show that older siblings have different dominant traits. For example, 54% of older siblings believe themselves to be more responsible, organized, and prone to take on leadership roles. That responsibility also includes feeling responsible for the welfare of their younger siblings.

Basically, while the older sibling is busy making sure everything in life is going smoothly, the younger sibling is free to mess around, tell jokes, and be funny.

At The End Of The Day, Family Dynamics Can Vary

family dynamics can affect sibling personalities
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If this sounds like you and your siblings, or if it seems like your own kids, then you’re in the majority. Of course, every family is unique and different. These polls don’t account for how many siblings there are, whether it’s a blended family, or even where only children stand.

While we can’t take blanket statements like these studies to heart, it can definitely make you reflect on your own family dynamics. At the very least, it will make for a good battle at the next family dinner.