These Dads Are Clearly Having A Bad Day

Whether it’s the weather, the water, or the full moon coming out, these dads are having a day. Actually several days. Maybe even weeks. What these hardworking and stressed out dads all have in common is a mutual need of a vacation. Or at least some alone time.

Here are a bunch of dads who have had just about enough but are persevering for their kids. Spoiler – baby vomit is a major villain in these heroic stories.

Snow Shovelling For Two

dad baby shovel parka
Photo Credit: @bigwipeouts / Imgur

The weather doesn’t stop for any man, even a dad in the middle of babysitting his new baby. When presented with a driveway full of snow and a newborn full of needs, this dad created the ultimate lifehack and combined two jobs into one.

Would you call this one snow-sitting or baby-shovelling? Or maybe parka-squeezing? Either way, this revolutionary hero has given me a healthy appreciation for busy dads and the stretch of winter canvas coats.

I Said Come Here

dad plunger kid running around
Photo Credit: BertoliB / Reddit

Move over Buffalo Bill because this is a true wrangler. We got ourselves an old-fashioned cowboy soul in this dad who’d had just about enough of his son running around the grocery store.

The wrangling tool of choice? A plunger, the perfect choice for that dad on the go who’s got to get the groceries at 7 and do some plumbing at 8. Bonus points for choosing a child leash that has a little utility and a sturdy handle.

Be The Swing You Want To See In The World

dad swing girl on dad swinging
Photo Credit / Teta Jula / Facebook

Is he smiling through the pain, or smiling with joy that his daughter is enjoying herself? Either way, this super dad took DIY to a whole new level and became a human swing for his daughter. Would it be BIY, “become it yourself” in this case?

This also looks like a photo taken moments before a disaster and I think his face says that he knows that. I hope those chairs have non-slip sticky disks on the bottom. Just keep swinging, just keep swinging.

Last Call For Flight 6, And Last Call For This Dad’s Patience

dad kid carrying airport
Photo Credit: Marco / Pinterest

This picture explains why parents always head to the airport obscenely early before their flights leave. They have to leave themselves a wide margin of error because sometimes they’re dragging 70 pounds of uncooperative child with them to the gate. We promise Timmy, you’re going to love Cabo.

I hope this dad is a Sky Lounge member because he’s going to need the complimentary food and the open bar after dealing with this kid. He deserves to treat himself by buying the in-flight movie too.

What Is This?

dad label baby sleeping labelmaker
Photo Credit: cbam / Reddit

Either this is some meta-commentary on the frantic life of a parent, or this dad has been pushed to his limit and has started dissociating from his life. Baby? What is baby? What is dad? Dad is I? Queue the label maker.

If his child looks like this then hopefully the rest of his house does too. There had better be a label for every baby shoe in the closet and every Lego in the box. This is Kondo-level organization here folks, or we’re witnessing a very stressed out dad.

Almost Made It Out

dad face first asleep carpet
Photo Credit: tat3nda / Imgur

Talk about down for the count. This dad punched out as soon as his 1-year-old was in bed and his dad shift was done. This poor man was so tired he couldn’t even make it to his bedroom before hitting the hay. Or in this case, the carpet.

Parenting is a 24-hour job, and this photo only exemplifies that. Maybe we have a new dad invention here – the “carpet crash” — for when your kid wakes up in the middle of the night from a bad dream you’re already right there to deal with it. A true genius.

This Bed Hog

crib asleep dad baby awake
Photo Credit: Botra / Imgur

The baby’s just as concerned as we are about his tired dad who decided to pass out in his crib after putting him down for a nap. It’s like he’s asking his other parent whether they should grab a heating pad for when he wakes up or another pillow. Maybe both?

Either way, this dad is taking the bedtime routine to a new level. Why put your kid down and then repeat the routine before you pass out? Save time and energy and accomplish both at once. Just scoot a little more to the left…

One Last Bite

baby dad icecream asleep baby
Photo Credit: 2nie / Reddit

It’s day 3 of your newborn not sleeping, therefore, it’s day 3 of you not sleeping. You can’t blink with both of your eyes at the same time, you can hear colors, time moves slowly, and you’re desperate for some rest.

At this point, if your baby decides to fall asleep on your arm you’re not going to question it. Your baby could even choose to sleep on your head – that’s fine too since you’re long past the point of caring. As long as it’s sleeping. Now about dinner…

Honey, We Have A Skylight Now

new skylight hole in the roof
Photo Credit: kathrynleeb / Instagram

When life makes you fall through the ceiling, make a skylight. That’s how the saying goes right? This dad had a huge Clark Griswold moment and decided to make his own trails by falling through the attic into the bathroom.

He couldn’t have chosen a more perfect spot for this newest home renovation. Right above the toilet is the perfect area for sky-gazing, and next to the shower lets in a lot of natural light so you can see what you’re doing without wasting power. This dad has definitely been watching his HGTV!

Yeah, Same Thing

hair zipties
Photo Credit: alrayani / Imgur

I mean, what’s really the difference? They both tie things, they’re both adjustable, they both even have “tie” in the name. One’s just a little more durable than the other.

This dad has given me a new appreciation for dad ingenuity. Why branch out and take your chances with a flimsy elastic that you’ve never used before? When your daughter comes running and asking you to do her hair, stick to your guns and rely on olde-faithful zip-tie. This isn’t even funny, I’m just impressed.

She’ll Grow Into It

baby onesie way too big
Photo Credit: daddydressedmebymg / Instagram

Newborns are basically the size of 3-month old babies, right? It’s only 3 months – how much smaller could they be? This much apparently, as this dad found out the hard way.

If he wanted to, he could tie the arms and legs together and create sort of a baby carrier to loop his arm through while holding his daughter. Just something fun to pass the time – all 3 months of it. I hope he kept the tags on the onesie.

This Dad Took “Bun” Literally

hair bun kid dad gross bread in hair
Photo Credit: deadforyou2 / Reddit

I don’t know if this is a pinnacle moment of dad humor or a genuine attempt at something he didn’t know how to do, but either way, this little girl now has a bun in her hair. A literal bun in her hair.

This had to happen at the end of an insane day or in the middle of an insane morning. She must’ve come to her scrambled dad who had his hands full juggling school lunches, and he responded with, “what… a bun? Sure.” All I know for sure is that this can-do dad needs a raise.

Merry Whatever

dad christmas tree topple over dad asleep
Photo Credit: _wingingmotherhood / Instagram

This picture truly speaks 1000 words. This dad has been through such a wringer that when the tree he was setting up decided to fall on him he just stayed there. This is the picture of a man accepting his cruel fate as nothing but a cushion for an evergreen.

I hope his family gets him everything he wants for Christmas because he deserves it after going through this. Let’s let this true ho-ho-homie rest for now before the holidays drive him to his breaking point.

Maybe Too Permanent

i love my dad kid screwdriver car carving
Photo Credit: quemalmomo / Instagram

This is one of those moments where you want to cry, laugh, and cringe at the same time. What a sweet kid, but does she ever have a flair for the dramatic – and the permanent. It’s not a good idea, but we all know that a tattoo would’ve been cheaper.

This dad really needs a drink after this. Or several. He’s about to have a very hard week before the expensive trip to the body shop where he drives his car around and people wonder why he chose such an interesting paint job.

Red, Pink, Or Coral Today?

dad nail painting daughters
Photo Credit: Da Fertilidade a Maternidade / Pinterest

Is this a bad day or a supportive day? This is a dad ready and willing to dive into summer’s hottest nail trends so his daughter can have a little fun and hone her craft. The fuschia really brings out the little mermaid sticker on the coffee table.

Bonus points to this dad too for really having the ultimate me-day by gaming while she paints his feet. However, something tells us he’s going to need some R&R after this spa treatment.

Oh, Are You Laying Here?

dad couch stuffed animals baby sleeping funny
Photo Credit: Marco / Pinterest

We all know the story of the princess and the pea – she felt it even under all those mattresses. I wonder if this kid felt his dad underneath the couch cushions he commandeered to watch cartoons? I’m sure the dad knew he and all his stuffed animals were there.

Sleeping beauty has nothing on this patient dad. I tip my hat to anyone willing to endure what must be a restless nap just so his kid could enjoy his show. Rest easy sweet prince.

When You Look Away For Two Minutes

dad bathtub kids too many bubbles
Photo Credit: Marco / Pinterest

The look of distress on this dad’s face says it all. We can see the questions running through his mind. “How did this happen?” “How did I get here?” “Why did I look away for two minutes?” “How do we even own this much soap?”

This looks like the aftermath of putting dish soap in the dishwasher. A crazy outcome – but here it’s even wilder because there are at least 4 children thrown into the mix. Or are there 5? With every child head I spot I get more stressed for this poor dad.

Don’t Cry After This One

spilled milk carpet sad and disgusting
Photo Credit: bradymurrayrods / Instagram

The only appropriate time to cry after spilled milk is after you drop a gallon of it down the stairs and it soaks into the carpet. Actually, you can keep crying while you try and clean it up because you know it will never quite go away and your basement will forever smell like funky milk.

This photo is truly a glimpse into the dark side of the milk mustache ads we never get to see, and we’re all praying for the poor dad who has to deal with this dairy disaster.

This Absolute Perfect Vomit Storm

baby barfer dad texts mom
Photo Credit: Ben Patterson / Facebook

This is just… this one wins… that’s all. Dad hero Ben Patterson had a rough day when his son Declan vomited on himself in the car. If that wasn’t bad enough, Patterson is a sympathetic vomiter who was gagging every second he tried to mop up his kid’s mess.

After puking on a neighbor’s lawn, suspicious police showed up with breathalyzers in hand to see if Patterson was drunk. He passed the breath test and drove home with the windows down. Truly, a walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Baby Vomit Or Versace

dad barf baby shirt
Photo Credit: jahoozawitz / Instagram

It all depends on how you wear it. This is a baby with a passion for design and an eye for aesthetics. Her canvas? Her poor dad’s t-shirt. Her inspiration? Acid reflux.

Someone give this dad a medal. He had this happen to him, he went to put the baby down in her crib and make sure she was okay, and then came back to pose for the photo. All while wearing his daughter’s fresh and warm new design. Now that’s encouraging your child’s creative growth.