These People Should Not Have Tried To Fit Into Playground Equipment

We’ve all seen those pictures online of someone stuck in children’s play equipment – or maybe we’ve been those people – and yet, people still continue to attempt to fit themselves down slides that are meant for 4-year-olds or into swings meant for toddlers.

Those same people often have very caring friends or family members who document their embarrassment with pictures and share it on the internet! There are entire social media threads dedicated to ‘adults stuck in playground equipment,’ so we’ve gathered some of the best ones for you today.

Embarrassed But Unharmed

man rescued from swing in Suffolk
Photo Credit: Twitter / @IpsEastPolice

A series of photos was tweeted out by the Ipswich East Police in May of 2018 after the Suffolk Fire Department was dispatched to a local park to help out a young man who got himself stuck in a child’s swing.

Everyone was in good spirits and luckily the firemen were able to simply unscrew the bottom of the seat to help the young man out, so no harm was done to the swing or the human!

Never Try To Teach Your Kids Anything

man rescued from spring rocker in UK
Photo Credit: Cater Clips

This 37-year-old father of four managed to get himself stuck in a spring rocker at the park which he supposedly got on to demonstrate how it worked to his daughter. He was wedged on the rocker for over 30 minutes before emergency services were able to free him.

Much to his embarrassment, Paul was required to wear a helmet while the firefighters freed him, and the entire ordeal was filmed by one of his very loving daughters.

A Little Bit Of Dignity Left

6'4 stuck in swing from reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit / brickzima

This boy learned the hard way that once you’re stuck it’s going to be hard to get back out. He posted this photo to a Reddit thread about people getting stuck in baby swings with the explanation “I’m 6’4″ and even when my friends helped flip me over, I couldn’t get out since I wasn’t fully touching the ground and both of my calves were wedged into the seat. My friends finally helped me get out (after laughing at me for a while, which I deserved); no firemen required.”

At least no firemen were called, so he was spared some dignity.

I Bet You Won’t Do It

I bet you won't do it from instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram / @charliegoozee

One Instagram user posted this picture as a great throwback Thursday to the time she got herself stuck in a child’s swing. Turns out right before she got in, her mom bet her that she couldn’t do it. I guess her mom was right.

One user simply commented, “I like your mother” while another said “Wow. That mom must’ve wanted you to get stuck.” This feels like a bet the daughter shouldn’t have taken …

Please Don’t Do This

13 y/o stuck in swing in Aldridge, UK
Photo Credit: Twitter / @AldridgeFire

This 13-year-old girl got herself stuck in a swing and her friends were very supportive and helpful… with documenting this momentous occasion. The Aldridge, UK fire department had to be called to cut her out of the swing. She lived to tell the tale, though she seems less than thrilled to have photo evidence of the situation.

The Aldridge fire department tweeted out the photo afterward along with the caption “Blue watch are dealing with a 13-year-old girl stuck in a baby swing. Please don’t do this!”