Dads Started The #SquatForChange Challenge And It Inspired John Legend To Install 5,000 Changing Tables

While the dads of the world out there know that parenting is not solely the woman’s responsibility, it seems like society hasn’t figured it out yet. That’s especially obvious for any dad who has had to change their child’s diaper, only to find the men’s restroom doesn’t have a changing table.

Dads across America took a stand against the problem and started the #SquatForChange challenge and we’re happy to say that it actually worked! Celebrity dad John Legend saw the challenge and decided to take action.

Donte Palmer Shed Some Light On The Problem

donte palmer squatting while changing diaper

In early 2019, father Donte Palmer took to his Instagram to share this photo of how he has to change his son’s diaper. In the post he wrote, “What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathrooms as if we don’t exist!!!”

He went on to say that it’s not okay that his son is used to the process and that he makes a point to practice wall-sits to prepare for the situation. Donte even said his 12-year-old son often has to help him tag-team the changing process.

His #SquatForChange Campaign Went Viral

aydian dowling squating while changing diaper

It didn’t take long for the photo of Donte to go viral. Dads out there began sharing their own stories of having to get creative when it comes to changing their child’s diaper. One dad said they feel more comfortable going out to their SUV trunk to change a diaper rather than making his kid lay on the floor.

Dads across America decided to start the #SquatForChange campaign to bring attention to this issue, and one big celebrity heard their calls.

Celebrity Dad John Legend Decided To Help Make The Change

john legend changing diaper on top of piano

One of our favorite down-to-earth celebrity dads saw the #SquatForChange challenge go viral and decided to help make a difference. John Legend has partnered with Pampers before and gave us the “Stinky Booty” song. He’s partnering with them again to put 5,000 changing tables in men’s bathrooms across America.

In his Tweet, he called for Pampers and Koala Kare to help him out so finally, fathers don’t have to do diaper duty on their lap.

Legend Released A Video Explaining Why Donte’s Photo Inspired The Move

man from new delhi squatting and changing diaper

A video released by Pampers showed how different dads across America make do with whatever surface they can. One dad changing his child’s diaper in the trunk of the car called it “The Tailgate” while another dad squatting in a bathroom called his changing maneuver “The Laptop.”

Legend even joined in by showing how he often changes his child’s diapers on the top of his piano when he’s at work. No dad should be left to do these outrageous maneuvers just to change a diaper.

Hopefully, This Is A Lifelong Change

changing table in bathroom with pampers on it

A ton of dads thanked Legend for helping to bring even more attention to the issue and that they #LoveTheChange. If you love the idea and want to donate and help put more changing tables in men’s restrooms, you can donate on the #SquatForChange website.

We’re so happy to see how one dad can inspire thousands of dads to make a difference. Thank you, Donte and John, for being inspiring leaders for all the dads out there!