Watch What Happens When Parents Tattoo Their Child’s Artwork

Some parents see their child’s artwork and immediately place it on the refrigerator. They might even beam with joy as they show off their child’s work to friends and family members who happen to walk into the kitchen. Then, a few weeks later, that second-grade art is tossed to the side and replaced with a different piece of art.

These parents were so proud of their kids that they decided to celebrate their art in a lasting way — by having the finished product tattooed on their body to be immortalized for the rest of their natural life.

The Juxtaposition Is Amazing

Tattoo artist Mike McNabb finished this replica tattoo for a customer named Zack. On his Instagram page Mike wrote: “Had a lot of fun doing Zack’s daughters art on him thanks again buddy.”

What we love about this creation is the obvious juxtaposition between Zack’s other tattoos that surrounds his daughter’s work of art. Kids can grow up way too fast but this is a reminder that Zack has always had his daughter’s back and instilled in her a sense of accomplishment.

Wait until you see the awesome Batman vs. Superman tattoo that’s coming up soon.

Dad Is The Real Superhero Here

This dad has immortalized his kid’s creative side with a rather large tattoo on his leg. The tattoo was created courtesy of tattoo artist Jason MacKenzie. A lot of Jason’s work involves animals and general nature portraits. He might have stepped outside of his typical tattoos but he had some help from this guy’s offspring.

We’re not really sure what the drawing is supposed to represent but it’s obvious from the lasting nature of the artwork that their dad was incredibly happy with the work their child completed.

The next tattoo is a bit creepy and I love it for some unknown reason.

A Little Bit Of Avant-Garde Tattoo Making

obscurallc / Instagram
obscurallc / Instagram

When your child is incredibly proud of the artwork they’ve created it’s easy to say “great job” and wait for them to get better at their craft before you permanently place their drawing on your body. This parent may have thrown caution into the wind when they moved forward with the tattoo.

We don’t know the entire story here but the creepy nature of the face in this drawing is actually pretty impressive. Even little kids can make some creepy tattoo art. Is it wrong that I kind of like it?

Batman Versus Superman

Big_daddy_babylon / Instagram
Big_daddy_babylon / Instagram

I have to hand it to this child. They managed to wrap the Superman vs. Batman saga into a nice little package and deliver a geeky tattoo their parent can be proud to show off.

I have to sadly admit that at 38 years old I probably couldn’t have come up with or executed this tattoo as well as their child has. I’m willing to bet this dad and his kid share a love of geek culture.

If you’re a big sci-fi geek you’ll love the Star Wars tattoo that one young son intelligently designed.

A Happy Moment With His Daughter

Twitter user @LaptopShopWH posted this super fun tattoo on Twitter and celebrated the time he was spending with his daughter. He writes: “Just my daughter and I in the tattoo shop. I got a picture she drew tatted on my arm. She didn’t think I’d do it.”

I almost feel like this dad was handed a challenge by his daughter and he didn’t want to back down and seem like a big scared chicken. Either way, his daughter wins this round!

I Love You Mom

It’s easy to allow the sweetest moments in life to slip by too quickly. A simple “Mom, I Love You” signed with a child’s name in their own handwriting is something to cherish but often we brush it to the side and probably throw away the slip of paper at a later time.

This mom decided she wanted to always remember a sweet moment with her child. This is a tattoo that’s likely to always bring a smile to this mom’s face.

The Foundations Of An Artist

Tattoo_3000 / Instagram
Tattoo_3000 / Instagram

The first person most of us will learn to draw is a stick figure. This kid is already past that point and drawing some pretty inventive people. If dad was really brave they would hand their child the tattoo gun and tell them to have at it.

If this dad really wants to get creative he should tattoo a new work of art from his child’s collection every year. That way, he can see how much his kid has progressed from adolescence through adulthood.

Two Loves Deserves A Tattoo… Right?

inkaholics_llc / Instagram
inkaholics_llc / Instagram

I don’t know if this guy’s kid knew that they technically wrote “I heart love you” or “I love love you” but the double love followed by the “dade” definitely makes for an endearing tattoo that this dad will have for the rest of his life.

A common theme we’ve seen among these tattoos is the idea that the message is more important than the actual finished product. It’s all about creating and preserving memories that matter the most to mom or dad.

A Happy Little Reminder

Imgur user SoGloriousItHurts put up this amazing recreation and proclaimed: “Guess it ain’t a FAIL after all.” I have to agree with them, this parent took their child’s happy picture and turned it into a lasting memory that people will see every time they take off their shirt at the pool or beach.

It’s easy to create a happy and lasting memory but it takes someone with a lot of conviction to put their child’s early drawings on their body for a lifetime. Great work dad and keep on being an awesome parent!

Boba Fett Forever!

Reddit user Tattoopuppy had this Boba Fett tattoo permanently placed on their arm. They took to the social news website to share this photo which shows a beaming son alongside his dad’s new tattoo.

This Boba Fett tattoo looks like a cave drawing left behind by an ancient civilization. Dad’s other tattoo’s might have more definition but I’m willing to bet this is the work he’s most proud of having inked on his arm.

One of my personal favorites is coming up because it took the artwork right off the page, and left the page in tact.

Some Parents Put Their Kids Work On The Refigerator.

Reddit user ‘doopercooper’ shared this adorable drawing with the caption: “Some parents put their kid’s drawings up on the fridge…” Indeed that’s what some parents do but not all of them. This dad seems really proud of what his daughter accomplished and he’ll hopefully be showing off her artwork for many years.

I’m most impressed with this dad’s decision to place such a large piece of art on the entire side of his body. Is this guy a dedicated dad? All signs point to yes.

A 7 Year Old Handling The Tattoo Job

Instagram user InkThor shared this work of art they had just completed with the caption: “Kid’s art on dad. I can tattoo like a 7year old yay!!!” The personal touch of having Aidan’s name signed to this guys arm is pretty awesome.

Kids have active imaginations and this dad’s four legged bird is definitely something you aren’t going to see in the wild. Props to dad for wanting to show off his kid’s creative side.

From The Page To Dad’s Arm

artofdarrenmillar / Instagram
artofdarrenmillar / Instagram

This dad didn’t just take his kid’s creation and have it redrawn, he literally took the page lines and included them as part of the finished work. Luke might only be four years old but this kid has some serious drawing skills.

From the silly monster to the race car, this dad has an emerging artist on his hands. Obviously, dad is really proud of his son’s early work because he had it tattooed in a very visible spot on his arm. Great job Luke!

Where Are The Eyes And…

Kelly Khamp took to Twitter to share this piece of artwork from her daughter. Here’s how she describes her feelings about this tattoo masterpiece: “I know its #cheesy, but I #love this #tattoo This is my 2 year old daughter’s first #drawing…”

I have to admit that for a first piece of artwork from a two year old that’s really not a bad attempt. It’s something to be proud of. Plus, it’s definitely a conversation starter at every part for the rest of your life if you’re her parent rocking this tattoo.

A Bit Of Creative Energy Shown Off Forever

It’s fun to watch these parents get tatted up with their children’s artwork and it’s even more fun when they go to the extreme to share a bunch of the work their children have created.

Dan Lauckner shared this tattoo and it set off a Twitter craze in which other parents also showed the tattoos they had commissioned from the artwork their children created. This is apparently a bigger movement than I realized at first.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is… With Your Family

MyCabbagesForYourUpdoots / imgur
MyCabbagesForYourUpdoots / imgur

Kai drew this picture of his family’s home and dad decided that was enough to get a tattoo. We know the saying “home is where the heart is” and this dad’s heart is obviously with his young child.

If you want to foster your child’s creative side I’d recommend getting a tattoo of their artwork at a young age. Nothing screams lifelong commitment to our children than someone that lasts a lifetime.

Daddy I Love You

Image credit: Reddit
Image credit: Reddit

We couldn’t show you an “I love you mom” tattoo and then not include one for dad. The only thing this guy is missing from his tattoo is the drawing of what I assume is his likeness to the right of the original.

There’s a lot of frustration that can come with being a parent. These little reminders of the sweet moments in parenting can really go a long day when your child is testing your patience on a stressful day.

A Whole Lotta Love

ericajoan.artlife / Instagram
ericajoan.artlife / Instagram

How could you not, as a parent, want to get a tattoo that shows your love for each of your precious children? Parent and sibling rivalries are known to pop up from time to time but that doesn’t mean your kids don’t want to spend time with their family members.

This dad had each of his four kids write their names down on a piece of paper. Then, he got them tattooed, with hearts in between. Such a sweet and simple idea.

Harrison Aged 4

Image via danny_birch_tattoos / Instagram
Image via danny_birch_tattoos / Instagram

You know those moments when all you want to do is hold onto your child’s innocence in the hopes they will never grow old and leave the house to strike out on their own? That seems to be this parent’s goal with this tattoo.

No “I Love You” and not a single picture of family, the family pet, or anything resembling artwork. Still, this parent decided to immortalize their child’s four-year-old innocence and that’s somehow really admirable.

I Love My Dad

voodoo_lady / Instagram
voodoo_lady / Instagram

As a dad I feel like it’s my duty to share another “I love my dad” tattoo with the world. We can get caught up in the “job” of parenting and this is a reminder to take a step back, take a deep breath, and appreciate what you have.

I personally love the backwards “y” which really adds a bit of stylized iconography to an otherwise very simple tattoo. Dads for the win!