30 Little Munchkins Being Their Wild, Ridiculous Selves That Will Warm Your Cold Dead Heart

Have you ever dreamed of being your younger self again back when everything was so simple? Nowadays, we’re sitting on ergonomic desk chairs drinking black coffee because we’re watching our sugar intake and wearing shoes with just the right sole to support our tender arches. Gone are the days where we’d be entertained by a salad for hours — thank God there are babies out here doing it for us.

Here are photos of some munchkins that just can’t be normal no matter what and it’s honestly making our day brighter. Thanks to their ridiculousness we can feel our hearts warming.

Her Face Trying Chocolate Milk For The First Time Is All Of Us Inside Everytime

baby choco
Photo Credit: nibbar / Reddit
Photo Credit: nibbar / Reddit

This iconic little gal tried chocolate milk for the first time and accurately captured exactly how we all feel inside drinking the beverage. Unfortunately, now that we’re adults, we have to pretend we like skim just as much. (We don’t.)