9-Year-Old Who Got Scolded For Doodling In Class Gets Hired To Decorate Restaurant

If you were the kid who was constantly getting in trouble at school for doodling all over your notebooks, then this story is for you. 9-year-old Joe Whale from Shrewsbury, England is winning for all of us classroom artists since he didn’t let his teacher’s complaints stop him from doodling his way to a job as a restaurant decorator.

“Number 4,” a local restaurant in Shrewsbury, invited Joe to come and decorate the dining room of their fine establishment. He goes after school, of course — he’s got to warm up by getting the creative juices flowing during his math-class drawings.

His Parents Wanted Him To Grow His Talent Despite The Teacher

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Photo Credit: @thedoodleboy.co.uk / Instagram
Photo Credit: @thedoodleboy.co.uk / Instagram

We all know what it’s like to feel the hard stare of our angry teacher when they figure out we’re not really taking notes in class. Most of us stop and make a promise to ourselves that we won’t keep adding to the lasers that are coming out of the giant robot’s eyes, but Joe’s parents took a different approach.

Instead of shutting down his behavior and giving him a lecture, the Whales decided to foster Joe’s creative growth instead. So they enrolled him in an after-school art program. It looks like that robot’s getting ultra-beam-hyper-magnum lasers after all.