Amazon Sells Blankets That Make Your Child Look Like Her Favorite Disney Princess

It’s getting colder out there and the only thing your kids want to do is watch Disney’s Frozen six times in a row and then listen to the soundtrack in the car. You wish they’d let it go, but you know by now that’s pretty much pointless and you’ve got to resign to humming it whether you want to or not.

So just lean into the Disney with these Amazon Princess blankets that make your child look like her favorite princess because even though you’re dying inside, she should be having the time of her life. That’s just good parenting.

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You’ll Have To Bribe Her To Take It Off

princess costume and blanket
Photo Credit: Blankie Tails / Amazon
Photo Credit: Blankie Tails / Amazon

When we were younger, all we wanted to be was one of the princesses or princes we saw on the screen running around and saving the day. That is, until we all grew up and realized we were more of the Olaf-type characters. But your kid can at least live her princess dreams in one of these.

Even though at first glance this looks like a little Elsa cosplayer, this is no costume. The Amazon blanket, manufactured by Blankie Tails, makes blankets that look like the princesses your child watches every day on the screen. On repeat. And full volume.

It’s A Snuggie-Luxe

belle costume sleeve diagram
Photo Credit: Blankie Tails / Amazon
Photo Credit: Blankie Tails / Amazon

So you’ve probably heard of bathrobes and snuggies because those are the de facto parent uniform when you don’t sleep more than four hours a night without some kid waking you up, but these are like luxury snuggies, and they’re only $29.99.

To wear the blanket, all your kid has to do is slip their arms and torso through the sleeves and opening in the back and then step into the blanket like they would a sleeping bag. An added bonus is that it’s kind of hard to get up to trouble when you’re wrapped in a sleeping bag… just saying.

They Come In A Ton Of Styles Because No Parent Is Safe

mermaid ariel chilling on a blankie
Photo Credit: Blankie Tails / Amazon
Photo Credit: Blankie Tails / Amazon

Your kids don’t just watch one Disney movie—they watch them all. So naturally, Blankie Tails has happily provided a wide range of selection for you so you can pick the movie whose soundtrack most torments you in your nightmares, I mean, your kid’s favorite one.

Blankie Tails offers blankets for Olaf, Transformers, all types of mermaids, Barbie-themed ones, and a ton of other comfy and cozy child fan favorite designs. It’s okay to feel slightly jealous you never had these growing up, it’s natural.