Bizarre Package Deliveries That Show Why We Should Start Actually Leaving Our House

If you’re a parent who spends all of their time trying to control their kids, you probably don’t have time to actually leave the house. That means you’re probably kind of addicted to online shopping. In fact, you’re probably waiting on a package right now as you read this. If you have Prime, you won’t have to wait long, but you still might encounter some weirdness at your door.

Whether it’s the customer or the delivery person, we should all expect the unexpected because of these situations. People out here are being told to shout “ding dong” instead of ringing the bell and their fragile packages look like they’ve been K.O.’ed. These just prove delivery is the best but seriously also the worst.

Leave The House Or Get A Package?

packages at the door
Photo Credit: olagregosh / Reddit
Photo Credit: olagregosh / Reddit

Listen, we’re all pretty much at the point where we don’t have to leave the house to get anything and everything we want. Groceries, furniture, food, essentials — Amazon has our backs with everything. But we do need to be able to open the door…

Either this person hasn’t been home in two months or these delivery guys decided that they were going to stay home for two months. This is one of those cases you just hope they have some kind of a window.