This Dad Adopted A Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families And They Couldn’t Be Happier

Naples-native Luca Trapanese had always dreamed of becoming a father, despite the restrictions that he faced due to being a gay, single man in Italy.

Finding inspiration in his childhood best friend Diego, who passed away from terminal cancer when they were teens, Luca devoted his life to working with people with disabilities, and in July of 2017, his prayers of becoming a father were answered. That’s when he met Alba.

He’d Always Wanted To Be A Father

Before meeting Alba, Luca was in a long-term relationship for over a decade, and he & his partner frequently talked about their desire to adopt, and specifically to adopt a child with disabilities.

luca and daughter alba trapanese at wedding
Photo Credit: Instagram / @trapaluca
Photo Credit: Instagram / @trapaluca

The pair even started their own charity for working with people with disabilities. However, after their relationship ended, Luca was faced with the challenge of adopting as a single, gay man in Italy, which simply wasn’t allowed. Italian social services told Luca that single parents weren’t allowed to adopt.