Dad Alters Tool Cart To Be Ultimate Diaper Changing Station

When it comes to baby supplies, people tend to fixate on the cute things: stuffed toys, baby clothes (those tiny socks!), blankets, and baby bottles. This dad, on the other hand, focused on thinking of an innovative way to approach poopy diapers.

Changing a baby is neither a pleasant nor easy feat, so David Pike put his mind to creating the ultimate changing station with a few goods from the hardware store.

Changing A Baby Is Not A Walk In The Park

Baby Lying Down
Photo Credit: Pexels / Daniel Reche
Photo Credit: Pexels / Daniel Reche

There are many challenges that come with changing a baby, including general squirmy-ness, the overall mess, needing things within arms reach, and the need for safe boundaries to ensure the baby will not fall.

David Pike, who recently had twins, had to prepare the nursery to manage double the trouble, so he decided to build his own change station.