UK Dad Done With Being Ghosted Invents App That Takes Over Child’s Phone Until They Respond

We’ve all probably felt frustrated trying to get a hold of someone over text when we know for sure that they’re just sitting on their phones scrolling through social media while ignoring our messages. Well, one UK dad said that enough was enough, so he invented a literal app to get his son to stop ghosting him.

Honestly, it’s a pretty legendary response to a problem that we’ve likely had with our kids. If only we could install this on our landlord’s, boss’s, and spouse’s phone as well…

Nick Herbert Just Wanted To Cut Into His Son Ben’s Game Time

dad and son
Photo Credit: mrsalama / Pinterest
Photo Credit: mrsalama / Pinterest

Southeast London dad Nick Herbert is the inventor and frustrated parent behind the ReplyASAP app. He was feeling a little neglected when his 13-year-old son Ben went off to school so he decided to buy him a smartphone to make getting in touch easier.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t. In a twist that surprises literally nobody, the phone just made it easier for Ben to ignore his dad while playing games. Instead of setting some ground rules, this dad decided that he should up the ante in a techy way and create an app that forces his kid to respond.