Dad Gets Locked Out Of His House When His Smart Doorbell Mistakes His Batman T-Shirt As An Intruder

Nest Hello is Google’s smart doorbell system that’s meant to help keep homes safe. One feature uses facial recognition technology to automatically lock the front door when a stranger arrives. This safety measure gives residents a bit of comfort, knowing that their doorbell is also looking out for them and their families.

Like all technology, it isn’t perfect, as B.J. May found out firsthand when the door locked him out of his own house.

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Nest Said: New Shirt, Who Dis?

Screenshot of Nest
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bjmay
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bjmay

May was shocked when he went to re-enter his home, only to realize that he had been locked out. I mean, it’s fair because it’s his house. When he opened the Nest app to investigate why he was being denied entrance he realized that the doorbell system had focused on the Batman face on his t-shirt.