Dad Leaves For 10 Minutes And Toddler Devours 18 Yogurt Containers

When Will She Dairy To Strike Again?

zoomed in photo of yogurt girl
Photo Credit: Arron Jeff Whysall / Facebook
Photo Credit: Arron Jeff Whysall / Facebook

Whitehall said when he noticed the absolute carnage he asked her if she ate all of them, to which she said “yes.” Olivia is clearly proud of her feat, and honestly, we respect that kind of commitment to the craft since we’ve all eaten an entire bag of shredded cheese in one sitting.

Whitehall said Olivia didn’t even have an upset stomach after the incident, which is clearly a testament to toddler strength. These kids can’t be tamed no matter how many peel-off lids we put in their way, so we can only be ready to play damage control when they turn the chaos switch to “on.”