Daycare Posts A Note Shaming Parents On Their Phones During Pickup And More Than 2 Million Parents Have Shared It

Raising children has never been an easy task. But while technology has improved parenting in some ways, like having access to a surplus of educational resources at the touch of a button, it also hinders parents because people feel promotes a lack of connection.

After repeatedly watching parents pick their children up from daycare and not be willing to give their kids the attention they craved, one facility decided to do something about it.

Put The Phone Down And Focus

get off your phone sign at day care
Photo Credit: Facebook / Juliana Mazurkewicz
Photo Credit: Facebook / Juliana Mazurkewicz

Of course you’re happy to see your child at the end of your day! What a silly question to ask right? You know you’re happy to see your son or daughter, but this daycare decided parents need to be a little more clear about it and put their gosh darn phones away.