Foster Mom Shares Welcome Routine For Emergency Placement Children And People Are Emotional

When children are victims of broken homes or abusive and/or absent parents, the state has the ability to intervene and remove the child (or children) from their parents’ care. The kids are then peddled through the foster care system that often separates them from siblings and places them in multiple different foster homes over the course of years.

While the experience can be traumatic and isolating, some foster parents have gone above and beyond to ensure that the children coming into their homes have the most comfortable experience possible, during a seriously uncomfortable transition.

What Exactly Is Foster Care And How Does It Work?

Foster care, also sometimes known as “out-of-home care,” refers to the temporary service that is provided by state governments when a child cannot be cared for by their family.

Fostering A Community In Easthampton, Mass.
Photo Credit: Joanne Rathe / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Joanne Rathe / Getty Images

The child is removed from their unstable home environment and placed in the care of a relative or unrelated foster parent who is usually a stranger. Foster care also includes group homes, emergency shelters, and supervised living.