Hacks For Parents To Save More Money For The Good Things In Life

It costs approximately a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child in the US for a middle-class family — not including college — so if there were ways that you could save money, wouldn’t you want to?

From the best time to buy a new car to a solution to keeping your brown sugar from hardening, we’ve got you covered! There’s even a trick for what to do with your milk that’s about to expire.

Make Saving Money A Competition

bottle of dimes money saving
Photo Credit: Instagram / @shaawbee
Photo Credit: Instagram / @shaawbee

Did you know if you fill a two liter bottle with dimes, it totals more than $500? Challenge your kids to see if you can fill that bottle up as a family, then you can choose what to spend it on. It teaches them how to save, and also about the feeling of spending money that you worked hard to earn.