He Knows How It Feels Not To Have A Dad, So Now He’s Sharing Valuable Dadvice

Meet Rob Kenny. He’s quickly becoming an internet sensation. He’s taken it upon himself to share useful “dadvice,” or advice that your dad would give you, with millions of strangers online. Have you ever wanted to learn how to change a tire or how to iron a dress shirt? Rob Kenny is your man.

Kenny knows exactly how it feels to have nobody to turn to for fatherly wisdom. He’s had to figure out all of this stuff on his own, and now he’s making videos so you don’t have to self-teach like he did.

A Man On A Mission

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Photo Credit: Dad, how do I? / YouTube
Photo Credit: Dad, how do I? / YouTube

This is Rob Kenny. His dad left when he was just 12 years old, so he didn’t have anyone around to teach him how to shave his face or tie a tie.