Hilarious Couples Who Are Winning At Relationships And Life

Having a significant other is one of life’s greatest gifts that can often result in some of the brightest parts of your day. If your partner can make you laugh then you’ve basically hit the jackpot.

Here are some hilarious couples who really nailed this whole relationship thing. These people show that humor can really bring us closer together. That, and a healthy amount of patience for putting up with your significant other’s bad jokes.

Dad Wanted To Be A Part Of The Family Coven Too

dad and witches in a man which costume
Photo Credit: Waifer2016 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Waifer2016 / Reddit

Major kudos go out to this dad who wanted to be part of the family coven so bad that he blended his love of sandwiches, humor, and witchcraft. This Manwich has definitely won Halloween.