Hilarious People Who Deserve To Wear The Genius Hat

Sometimes life has simple fixes to the problems we encounter. While the rest of us are stuck Googling how to grow another arm so we can finally watch TV, eat Cheetos, and paint our nails at the same time, these geniuses are out here figuring it all out for us.

Here are some hilarious geniuses who are really living in the future and innovating to make the world a better place. Their solutions are lazy, hard to look at, and almost always involve duct tape, but they’re winning in ways we’re not. We’re in awe of their brainpower.

The Chair-brella

chair on head in the rain
Photo Credit: abanghappy / Pinterest
Photo Credit: abanghappy / Pinterest

This man clearly didn’t check the forecast before leaving the house, but a little water never stopped an innovator from innovating. He’s completely soaked and clearly this isn’t working, but his thought process deserves an award. Or a throne.