Husbands And Boyfriends Who Risked Sleeping On The Couch Over Pranks

The key to a lasting, loving relationship is not listening, or going on long walks on the beach, or even romantic gifts on a regular basis—it’s pranks. There’s no better way to keep your significant other on their toes than a cute little practical joke.

However, these husbands and boyfriends went above and beyond to prank their partners.

This Boyfriend Heard You’re Supposed To Send Her Flours

When this boyfriend realized that he had horribly messed up the night before, he decided to take the cheeky route and send a bouquet of flours to her office. I mean, it seems to have worked, so…

man sends delivery of packages of flour instead of flowers to girlfriend's work
Photo Credit: Reddit / Nessie_Assassin
Photo Credit: Reddit / Nessie_Assassin