Husbands Who Are Probably Sleeping On The Couch Tonight

Husbands are a special breed. They try their best, they really do. But their best isn’t always good enough, and sometimes you end up with their finger in your drink or with all of your guest towels stained pink.

They can’t be trusted to fold a fitted sheet, and some of them are out there in the world thinking it’s okay to microwave a t-shirt, but we love them anyway. Their listening skills may not be up to par, but there are other reasons you love them!

Not Exactly What She Was Hoping For

wedding photo fail
Photo Credit: imgur
Photo Credit: imgur

Imagine asking your husband to take a picture of the two of you on your wedding night and this is the only picture he takes. He looks happy and she looks… well, we can’t see how she looks, but we can guess how she’s feeling when she saw the photo later.

This is a solid start to the marriage. Ladies remember to always teach your man to take more than one picture. It increases your chances of getting a half-decent one where you can see both of your faces!