Let’s Hear It For These Iconic Parents Who Went Viral This Decade

We all like to think we’re pretty memorable people, that our dad jokes land, and our family actually likes them and isn’t laughing out of pity or just to stop us from telling another one. Though we know deep down that’s the case. These parents didn’t really have that problem this decade.

Here are some of the best, most inspiring, and downright knee-slappingly hilarious content moms and dads have posted that have brightened the internet’s day. Will we be as cool as them? Probably not.

The Dad Who Spectacularly Roasted His Daughter’s New Tattoo

This is a dad joke gone so meta that, of course, it made all of us smile. This dad’s copycat response is definitely what most parents really want to do whenever their kid gets a dumb tattoo, which is about 100% of the time.

knife on the wrists
Photo Credit: WullieBlake / Reddit
Photo Credit: WullieBlake / Reddit