Internet Objects To Marriage After Seeing Overly Complicated Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding decor is the one thing that gives every wedding its unique flair and reflects the personality of the couple. From the color scheme to flowers and greenery, the lighting, and even the wedding sign fonts, there are so many options to truly personalize a wedding. But one couple got a little too ambitious with their seating chart, and it’s confusing the internet.

I’d say I need a map to help me find my seat, but they included one on the chart and I’m still lost.

Wedding Shaming, Rightfully So

Confusing wedding seating chart
Photo Credit: narlymaroo / Reddit
Photo Credit: narlymaroo / Reddit

So where on the internet did this wedding chart bless us from? Well, where else but Reddit?

Redditor narlymaroo shared this photo to the Wedding Shaming subreddit. They explain that they had been looking for seating chart ideas for their own wedding when this monstrosity popped up during a Google search.