Inventive Kids Who Are Way Smarter Than Any Of Us

We all need to stop underestimating our children. Children are the future and the future is now! There are kids out there who are fairly clever, and then there are some of them who are way smarter than us, even if we don’t want to admit it.

Kids are out here building fans out of lego, creating swimming pools on apartment balconies, and using leaf blowers to power skateboards. What have adults done? Nothing of value. Nothing.

A+ For Effort And Execution

kid texting with fake arm
Photo Credit: imgur
Photo Credit: imgur

This right here is a whole new level of creativity. Teachers know that students are going to text in class even when they’re not supposed to, but we’re pretty sure no teacher is ever going to think a student would use a fake arm.

The funny part is it’s probably not even an important text conversation. Is it even worth all the trouble it took to stuff your coat to look like an arm and then wiggle your real arm out of the coat?