Photos That Prove Kids Are Set To Destroy Mode

If you ever wondered if kids are literally programmed to wreck everything, just know that you’re not alone. These parents are dealing with their own child tornadoes. We’re not throwing shade but these kids are definitely chaotic evil on the personality test alignment and we can back it up with facts.

For some of these kids we’re completely at a loss what to say. What can you actually do when your child puts a Barbie head in an orange pill bottle? Do you laugh, cry, or finally build that dad cave? There’s no good answer in this upside-down world.

It’s Brown Makeup, Thank God It’s Brown Makeup

Hope you’re sitting down because you’re going to have a literal heart attack looking at this photo. Just repeat to yourself that it’s just a brown contour makeup stick. It’s the mantra that will get you over the shock.

kid on potty makeup
Photo Credit: aliciary / Reddit
Photo Credit: aliciary / Reddit