Kids Who Are Gonna Grow Up To Wish Smartphones Never Existed

It’s so lame to say, but the world really was a different place before we had smartphones. Living in the moment was easier, and having pictures of everything we did really didn’t seem to matter the same way.

Kids these days seem happy to have all their technology, and they don’t know any different, so we can’t really blame them. But there is one downside to it: the fact that smartphones take great pictures, and now we have more opportunities to capture moments kids might wish we would forget.

Thank Goodness Someone Was There To Capture His Horror

a little kid terrified of the waster bunny
Photo Credit: Reddit / txplumber
Photo Credit: Reddit / txplumber

This little guy was terrified of the alleged Easter Bunny that came into his classroom to hand out candy. He’s never going to live down this shame—or the ongoing nightmare.