Lost Hamster Sends Dad Into A Frenzy That Goes Viral

A hamster is a great pet in many ways. They’re generally low maintenance, they’re small so that they don’t take up too much space, and they generally have sweet demeanors. Their one downfall is their ability to completely disappear.

They’re really small, super fast, and very keen escape artists who love to sneak out of the cage whenever the opportunity arises. This poor dad just about lost his mind when his daughter’s hamster made a run for freedom.

Meet Chester And Steph

chester with owner Steph
Photo Credit: Twitter / @stephyj725
Photo Credit: Twitter / @stephyj725

Nineteen-year-old Steph loves animals, and her pet hamster, Chester, is no exception. On Twitter, she describes him as the “light of her life” and “not just a hamster”.

They have an incredible bond and she really cares for him, despite having a few people question her attachment to the little guy.