Man Locks Away His Chocolate In A Safe To Protect Them From His Fianceé

Almost all of us can admit to labeling or hiding foods to make sure somebody doesn’t steal our treats at least once. However, Dave Williams took his need to protect his snacks to a new level to keep his fianceé, Stacy Lowe, from getting to his chocolate collection, and she was not happy about it.

Lowe took to Facebook in a viral post on Sept. 12 to express her rage at her fianceé for locking all his chocolates in a fridge safe.

Clearly A Rude Move On His Part

Fridge Safe full of Chocolate
Photo Credit: Facebook / Stacy Lowe
Photo Credit: Facebook / Stacy Lowe

While locked away, the snacks inside are fully visible through the clear plastic. Not only a horrible taunt to have to see it all the time without having access to the entry code, but also a vicious move from someone you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with.

In the accompanying Facebook post, she writes, "Anyone want him? Surely this is breakup material right?!"

The Safe Was Originally Intended For A Very Different Purpose

Lockabox Clear Safe
Photo Credit: Lockabox Website Gallery
Photo Credit: Lockabox Website Gallery

The fridge safe was bought from a company called Lockabox, who intended the product to be used to keep children and any other possible thieves from meddling with medication, alcohol, or other potentially harmful items. AKA: not to stash your chocolate bars from your loved ones.

Although, we have to applaud Williams for his creativity in coming up with a much more delicious use for it.

Not Only Engaged, But Also A Family

Lowe and Williams Embracing
Photo Credit: Facebook / Stacey Lowe
Photo Credit: Facebook / Stacey Lowe

The couple recently bought their home together, are in the midst of planning their wedding, and are raising their infant daughter together. Who can blame Stacey for posting in rage after being betrayed by the father of her child?

A sympathetic commenter wrote that they’d “burn the house down” if their partner did that, while others encouraged Lowe to smash the box open with a hammer and leave only the wrappers inside!

Revenge Is Sweet

Lockabox Full of Chocolate
Photo Credit: Facebook / Stacey Lowe
Photo Credit: Facebook / Stacey Lowe

After Lowe’s post went viral with over 60,000 shares, Lockabox sent her a complimentary safe filled to the brim with candy and chocolates for her to keep locked up from her fiancé. Lowe says that Dave has been trying to guess the safe combo for days.

Oh, how the tables have turned!