Mom Bribes Her Son With $1,800 To Stay Off Social Media Until His 18th Birthday

When you were a kid, you probably didn’t have social media. Fast-forward to parenthood and it’s probably a conversation you’ve had to have with your own kids.

One mom gave her son 1,800 reasons to stay off social media until he turned 18, and now, her unique parenting story has gone viral and is captivating parents everywhere.

Children And Social Media

From school to relationships, puberty, and growing up, there are a lot of challenges parents must help their children navigate through in order to ensure they grow up happy and ready to take on adulthood.

A person holds a cell phone with various social media apps.
Photo Credit: Tracy Le Blanc / Pexels
Photo Credit: Tracy Le Blanc / Pexels

But now there’s something new parents have to contend with once their children get older—whether or not to allow them to have social media.