Mortified Adults Share The Embarrassing Things Their Parents Did In Front Of Them As Kids

Ah, parents, they walk a fine line between scolding you to live your life a certain way while doing the most mind-boggling cringe things that you yourself wouldn’t even dream of. If you’ve ever walked 50 yards in front of them in a grocery store or pretended to find the sky really interesting while they’re wearing their bathrobe in public, you’re not alone.

Nick Harvey on Twitter asked the internet what were the most embarrassing things their parents did in front of them as children. These are truly a wild ride, and they’re making all of us mortified people just glad we’re not the only ones with memorable childhoods.

The Tweet That Started It All

This is legendary protective parenting. The mom heard that punk’s not dead and her sixteen-year-old was participating in its revival and she said not today. I truly would’ve given everything to witness this moment.

sixteen and the bands singer
Photo Credit: @mrnickharvey / Twitter
Photo Credit: @mrnickharvey / Twitter