Most Parents Steal Halloween Candy From Their Kids, Survey Shows

We’d all love to believe that our parents have our backs and wouldn’t purposely do us dirty, but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Parents love munching down on candy just as much as the kids do, despite the guise of their “going to work” and “eating kale” adult lives.

Basically, parents are just snakes who pretend that they believe in limiting how much candy you should eat, and then snack down on your Kit Kats the moment your head touches the pillow at bedtime.

In Reality, 78% Of Parents Who Celebrate Halloween Sneak Some Treats From Their Kid’s Stash

Candy bars on a table
Photo Credit: Instagram / @fedandfit
Photo Credit: Instagram / @fedandfit

Cashback website conducted a survey across 3,099 adults aged 18 years or older, and of those who celebrate Halloween. 78% admitted to stealing some of the candy that their kids bring in from Trick or Treating.

When you woke up on Nov. 1 as a kid and thought that your stash looked smaller than it did the night before, you were probably right.