Mother-Daughter Tattoos That Really Show Just How Special Their Bond Is

When you’re little, your mom is the person who tells you that you can’t do certain things, forces you to go to bed, and makes you eat broccoli. Even as a teenager, your mom often feels like this evil authority figure who is trying to embarrass you and ruin your life.

At least, that was very true for me. However, I find that as a lot of us girls get older, we grow closer with our moms. We each start to realize how strong, smart, and hilarious she is and she becomes our close friend in many ways. There is often a very special bond between mothers and daughters, and these are some mother-daughter tattoos that perfectly represent that bond.

Moms Remind You How To Turn To The Light

matching sunflower tattoos
Photo Credit: Instagram / @littlefishstudios
Photo Credit: Instagram / @littlefishstudios

Sunflowers are these giant, glorious blossoming plants, but the thing about them that astounds me is how they always turn to face the light. Even in my worst times, my mom has helped me find optimism. I kind of want to get these with her.