Moving Photos Of People Who Followed In Their Parent’s Footsteps

Parents are some of our biggest supporters and the people we first look up to. While they’ll always be our heroes in some way, shape, or form, some people have taken this one step further and decided to follow their parent’s footsteps both literally and in their career paths.

These are some beautiful photos that show that the past and present really aren’t so different after all—especially if it’s kept all in the family. I think it’s probably pretty safe to say that these people have their career paths running in their blood.

Three Generations Of Firefighters

firefighters through the ages
Photo Credit: primal-chaos / Reddit
Photo Credit: primal-chaos / Reddit

This incredible photo of a grandfather, a father, and a son just shows how firefighting knowledge has grown and changed over the years. The son is probably pretty happy he didn’t have to wear those yellow pants though.