New Yorkers Weren’t Dreaming When They Found These Free Items On The Sidewalk

In New York City residents are putting valuable, beautiful, and sometimes really weird items on their stoops, sidewalks, or even parking spots for others to claim for free. An Instagram account posts the pictures of street finds along with the address so folks can go scoop them up. The further you get down our list of favorite picks, the wackier and sometimes more valuable the items become. Happy curb hunting!

Taking These Precious Plants Home

Finding plants like this on the sidewalk isn’t something that happens every day. These are massive and can go in your backyard, front lawn, or outside of a library.

plant overload from sidewalk
Photo Credit: @stoopingnyc / Instagram
Photo Credit: @stoopingnyc / Instagram

Why would someone want to throw these babies away? Maybe they thought it was time to pass them on to someone else or maybe they were growing out of control.