What Old School Photoshop Looked Like Decades Before Social Media

It’s hard to imagine for some of us, but there was a time back before we used to post heavily edited photos of ourselves and our lives all over Facebook and Instagram. But while the internet is relatively new, photography isn’t. The first photo was taken in 1827 and since then we’ve been experimenting.

Here are the pretty amazing ways our ancestors edited photos. And they did everything we do and more—from making a waist smaller to pretending your town grew the biggest cabbages, we’ve all been photo-editing junkies since the day it came out.

This 1905 Lady Really Lost Her Head

woman with a head
Photo Credit: Kirkmango / Reddit
Photo Credit: Kirkmango / Reddit

This lady really has her world on a platter over here—well, her head at least. The photographer probably achieved this effect by taking two photos, cutting her head out of one, and splicing those two negatives together before enlarging and developing the positive print. You can kind of see the white edges where her face looks cut-out.