Older Couples That Prove Love Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date

If we’re looking for real examples of relationship goals in everyday life, we all need to take a look at the oldest generation of couples. These couples have stayed together and managed for 50, 60, or even 70 years, and they are still as in love as ever.

They’ve mastered the whole parenting thing, their children survived and went on to have children of their own so they graduated to being grandparents, and they’re still as happy as when they first met.

Celebrating 50 Years Of Fun

Celebrating their 50th anniversary by taking a page out of the Beverly Hillbillies’ book, this couple knows exactly who they are and how they want to celebrate their special day.

beverly hillbilly style riding lawnmower
Photo Credit: Reddit / qwest27
Photo Credit: Reddit / qwest27