Parenting Tweets That Are Funny Even If You Don’t Have Kids

When we are children, we don’t realize how hilarious kids are through the lens of adults. It takes a lot of trauma and age to look at a small human and see that humans start out pretty ridiculous. They really are like tiny drunk humans when you think about it. They’re hungry, they like to yell, and have absolutely no filter.

Luckily for those of us, there are parents who take to Twitter to share their journeys for the rest of us to enjoy.

Sounds Like A Health Hazard

There are adults in the world who will do this kind of stuff. I suppose those people can make the argument that they’re just releasing their inner child… get it? Releasing.

tweet: if a second grade boy sweetly asks to sit in your lap please understand you're about to be farted on
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ValeeGrrl
Photo Credit: Twitter / @ValeeGrrl