Parents Share The Reasons Their Kids Had Meltdowns And It Makes Zero Sense

Little kids are interesting creatures. We know that they’re human, they have to be since we literally made them, but the way their tiny brains work is truly out of this world.

Parents are sharing the illogical reasons that their children completely freaked out and honestly, it’s relatable. Just put yourself in their shoes for a second and imagine what it’s like to ask for an apple and… receive one. That’s just too traumatic to simply move on from and I totally get where these tiny humans are coming from.

They Wouldn’t Cut His Cheerios In Half

cut cheerios inhalf tweets
Photo Credit: @DOYMarshall / Twitter
Photo Credit: @DOYMarshall / Twitter

We all like things a certain way right? So no judgment to this kid who just liked his Cheerios to be semi-circles instead of whole circles. It may seem like a small issue, but if it’s not solved it can be a vicious circle of repetition.